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Studying for the LSAT / Re: Help!! I need an advice~!!
« on: August 12, 2004, 11:12:35 AM »
Try accounting.

Natural ability.  It's highly unlikely for a 155 tester to study their butt off and score a 170+.  You can either handle the logic or you can't.  Boosting a mid/high 160 score to a low/mid 170 score is a timing issue and not a problem understanding the questions.

BTW, them high SAT scores get you squat once you're working.  Salary and intelligence have little to no correlation.  It's who you know not what you do.


You would think with a half hour per question you would have scored better than a 172...

I remember this one.  I think you need the questions to figure it out because I believe they supply additional information.

This is a fairly straight forward linear type problem - the June test had this type, but typically you'll get a parallel problem - something like 10 reptiles in two rows of 5 cages etc.. which are a little harder to figure out.

Post the questions please and I'll offer what help I can.

Not to ruin your day, but I think you'll see harder than this in October.


Most schools use a rolling admission, meaning they admit people as they get the apps.  The longer you wait, the fewer seats available and the adcom will likely want to wait to admit the best applicants possible.  Thus, more competition for the end slots.  Since a lot of schools begin taking apps around 9/1 and end around April, (with a Dec LSAT) you'll hit the middle of the cycle when half the seats may already be filled. 

I'm banking on my age and WE to help add to the diversity of the class.  After 15 years as an engineer I can certainly add more than some fresh out of school nubie.  Leverage that self-employemnt bit - shows you're a leader and a self-starter that didn't want to spend the rest of your life in a cubical farm.  Age and experience will beat youth and enthusiasm. 

One last comment, a high LSAT will whitewash a low GPA.  If you can post a 165+ I would think this coupled with your experience would make you a valuable candidate.

Look here for an estimation of what schools will accept you based on gpa and LSAT:

This will give you an idea of possible schools in the Boston area.  Some may even take the higher LSAT, most probably average.  This may make the difference if you try and flop in October and come back strong in December.

More importantly, ask yourself why you want to go to law school.  If it's for the big money, it'll be a little while longer coming out of a T4.  Hopefully it's a better answer than you've got nothing better to do and you can't find a job using your undergrad degree.  I know that may sound mean, but think about it before you blow money on Kaplan or worse yet bail midway through 1L.

I'm still pessimistic.  A 160 on an untimed test does note bode well for a 163 on the actual.  Impossible, no - that's why I suggested taking a couple more timed tests, maybe the 149 was first time jitters.

Again, you'll find some T4 probably even a T3 and with a high UGPA a T2 that'll accept you.  But unless you hit 170+, you'll never get into SW Indiana State with dsong... ;)

Late post: No December (actually January by the time you get scores back) isn't a killer, but with rolling admission, it just means less open seats and more competition.  Thus you'll need a better application than you might have needed in October / November.

Question back to dylan:  What was your pacing like on the blind test -  Did you get through all the questions or was time the killer?

Dude, a lot of people score in the 150 range initially and again and again.  That's why it's the average.  If it was that easy to bring it up, then 165 would be average and not 90th percentile.  I still think it'll be almost impossible to score another 20 questions consistently in 8 weeks.  If he hits low in October and smokes it in December he's screwed if the school averages the scores.  The other route is to get WE for a year or so and take the LSAT next year and shoot for admission in '06. 

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think you're SOL for October.  Look at the numbers of what you want.  An increase of 149-163 takes you from around the 40% range to almost the 90% range.  You would have to get roughly another 20 questions right which is almost a 50% increase.  OK, maybe the 149 was a fluke - try taking a couple previous exams under timed conditions.  If you still hit around 150 then you should back off the October test and prep for December.  But, IMHO, unless you have a phenom UGPA, you'll have to hit pretty high on the LSAT to still have a chance to get in that late in the application cycle.  Of course there's always some 4th tier willing to take your money, but do you realy want to do that?

General Off-Topic Board / Re: The Best Movie Quotes
« on: August 03, 2004, 07:33:57 PM »
Your best. Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and @#!* the prom queen.

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