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Incoming 1Ls / Re: What to do during my 0L Spring and Summer
« on: January 25, 2009, 05:16:04 PM »
1. Learn to type like the wind and completely accurately
2. I think some kind of nonfiction writing will be solidly helpful. There are tons of books around. Also, read a bunch of different types of high quality legal writing to get a feel for what you are aiming at.

See, see!!! This is why I want everybody to come to the Town Hall. Then we can have a really good discussion and learn a whole bunch a stuff.

DS: My bad. I blame it on writing my stinking motion all weekend. I should have written "cultural appropriation". Maybe that helps clear it up...

I think there is a world of difference between dressing up like a sterotypical MYTHICAL thingy, who is not now and has never been a subject of discrimination in our fair land, and dressing up as a stereotype for a nationality that has been/is the subject of discrimination.

I think it really sucks that someone's career could be negatively impacted by one or two bad decisions, but I also think that it is really important not to tolerate racism, sexism, prejudice, ignorance, cultural insensitivity, etc. So I am kinda torn on this one. I would not have broadcast the names, but I can't decide if that makes me a male private part or not. Something I am still thinking about.

Well, let's just say I respectfully disagree. The whole what about if you dressed up as (insert assimilated white nationality here) just doesn't fly as a comparison, and cultural assimilation (kabuki makeup with a kimono) is just never cool. Frankly, I don't get the difference between "Let's dress Mexican" ("cholo"/ sombrero and mustache) and "Let's dress Mexica" (pregnant teenager/ gardner). But that is merely in my book, which obviously doesn't jibe with others.

I'm going to the Dean's Town Hall to see if they are open to addressing this issue openly and more thoroughly. It would be great if you guys went as well to lend your views and voices. Although I have a feeling I will be badly outnumbered anyway, LOL.

The students at issue are not 1Ls. There was a schoolwide email from the party thrower apologizing for bad judgment. That's good.

Of course, no mention made of "I was ignorant about why such an event is racist, but am working to educate myself". That's too bad.

I think it goes beyond what to do at parties, although that might help. The administration has a great educational opportunity to begin a discussion about racism in America. We'll see if they choose to take it, or if the whole issue gets swept under the rug.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Cost vs Prestige
« on: January 19, 2009, 02:51:00 PM »
As long as you are anticipating a public interest career, go where you want and use the CCRAA. Keeps your payments waaaayyyy down for 10 years/ 120 payments and then forgives the remainder of your debt.

Check it out on

It's the only way I can afford to go to my school with no $.

I think we are all delayed until Strickler's are in. I am sure the problem is that we all clumped at an "F" and rendered his rubric useless.

Hard to create a distribution when no one got any points!!

Obviously, this test still rankles...

I must say, the tech support today was great. The computer exam software did something veerrrryyy bad in my computer, and they had me all straightened out before exam time. As well as being socially normal. Je suis shockee!

Any 2L's doing the civil track? I would love the scoop on Carriere, Palmer, Pucillo.

Congrats bloomlaw! It's a great place with great people.
I can give you a little bit on Pucillo. He is young, visiting prof.,  very approachable and has a good sense of humor. He expects attendance,but is otherwise pretty laid back. Seriously, he is not much of a hide the ball kind of prof.  Plus, if you ever want to do a judicial clerkship, he is very enthusiastic about helping. He clerked in two different circuit courts and has contacts.  His exams are straightforward, and he will give you plenty of clues throughout the year.   

Hey thanks! Sounds like a good guy.

Things were going so well in exams...until Strickler's Civ Pro H-bomb exploded on us all. I have never seen such a shocked and nearly hysterical class after an exam.

But it's over!!!! Wahooo!!!!

Have a great winter break everybody!

Crim....shudder...I have Houck.

Color me shocked. I had no idea it snowed in NOLA.

Good luck on your torts exams today everybody!

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