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I'm from Texas - boyfriend from PA. Considering law school in PA. No shot at UPENN. How would you rank the others, Maryland, Temple, Newark, Villanova, Camden, Dickinson? I'll have out of state tuition, and closer to Philly better but not necessarily a must.

Also, think it would be too hard to come back to Texas after law school in Philly? Ive heard TX bar is very TEXAS specific. Ive lived in TX my whole life, not sure if I'm ready to make the change to PA for the next 16 years... but I wouldnt mind going there for law school? Not sure if its a bad idea...

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: PA or TX Schools? 158 LSAT/3.84GPA
« on: January 21, 2008, 03:43:29 PM »
Is there a way to search these  postings for particular state schools? to avoid asking something thats already been answered? I'm not from PA... with my 158/3.84, where should I apply - I dont want to spend a ton of money applying to all b/c I'm not even sure Ill move up there... but I'dlike to get in to the best possible to leave that option open...

Rutgers Newark
Rugers Camden
Penn State Dickinson

I know the rankings statistically, but what about reputation in that area?

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: PA or TX Schools? 158 LSAT/3.84GPA
« on: January 21, 2008, 10:47:47 AM »
Thanks for the replies! Very interesting replies... I had almost cross SMU off my list! I heard that Camden was located in a bad area? Anyone familiar with that campus? And also... I"m guessing Temple/Camden/Villanoa are better than Penn State, regarless of the reputation "Penn State" has? I was thinking that although the rankings are at the bottom of Tier 2, its name may help it out?

And yes, 3.84 is my cumulative undergrad, I actually have a 4.0 and my Master's degree as well - but I dont think shcools care about that as much. 

Thanks again!

One last thing... how hard would it be to go to PA for school, and come back to Texas to work? Or vice versa? Or is that when the "national" tier 1 schools come into play?

Choosing the Right Law School / PA or TX Schools? 158 LSAT/3.84GPA
« on: January 20, 2008, 10:15:52 PM »
Where should I apply to? I live in Austin and would LOVE TO GO TO UT... but its a reach. My boyfrind is from PA and I would move there, around Philly.  UPenn is not worth my application - Id never get in there.  So where else/how many? Baylor? U of Houston for sure. SMU? I have a grudge against SMU/private schools for some reason.  Villanova? Temple? and Penn State? Ideas... amy of them good or better? Thanks!

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