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^ lol, i'll agree with trouble maker on this one- checking in with you guys is a tell-tale sign of one's addiction. if philosophers still existed, i'm sure the internet would be a central motif in their writings. maybe even MAS too, LOL!

sck, are you a guy or a girl?

^ make your apologies a bit more articulate, lol. i believe i am in the majority when i make my argumentative battles as open as possible, though i've allowed you to slip a few times without pointing out your mistakes. your analytical acumen needs improvement, and perhaps the next 3 years (law school) will provide it. you have yet to contribute to the intention of this thread (lol, you're not a strict constructionist i see- a term used to describe attorneys)

^ lol at less than 140 posts, he's yawning. maybe that's why after your pleas of entering the MAS facebook group, you've been denied as well as ignore throughout the forums. and your inductive reasoning needs work. those assumptions are quite widespread on the LSAT

one needs a wider view than others to speak on their behalf, whether it works is for no man to say - One of my favorite philosophers

LOL, it's quite a phenomenon when a new poster engages in public concession of an esteemed MASer

^ lol, julie fern's attempt at argumentative acumen?

^ spoken like a true newbie. you have a long way to go before you know the ins and outs (lol like the burger joint) of LSD. stay around a bit logner, we might even let you into MAS lol, though it's unlikely

i think we should dismantle this thread due to penny's continuing attempts to oust me and make me look like a bad poster- as she did in the advice for books thread

hey shawn, welcome to the forum- don't let the rude responses annoy you. welcome to MAS as well.

try If The Others Saw the Law by Gary Raver

The Legal World In our World by Jeremy Starks

Welcome to the 1L, You're Not Alone by Christopher Poudry

Denial In Law School by Gordon Pavlos

Entry to the Legal World Through 3 Years and a Bar by Henry Tithens

Realizing the next 3 years by Jason Prithe

try those out, AMAZINGLY helpful for the new experience you are about on which one can embark

General Off-Topic Board / Re: MAS: Don't Disturb the Sexy
« on: March 01, 2008, 10:58:06 PM »
^ nice strawman attempt (you'll learn about that in law school).

some of us have lives that extend into the real world and isn't made up of 0s and 1s. i was writing LOCIs (letters of continued interest in the school) and going through midterms (some of us are traditional applicants still in ugrad.

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