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I realize this is a sensitive topic -- I'm not trying to pry into people's medical history.  But I was just wondering if anyone had any advice as to how to get through the semester when ill  . . . do you feel like it affected your performance a lot?  Do you wish you'd delayed your finals, gone to the administration, or even dropped instead of finishing?  Did anything help alleviate the anxiety?  Or, conversely, does anyone have experience with dropping late in the semester for health issues?

I'm getting pretty worried as finals are coming up and I'm not really capable of putting in the hours I did last semester . . . so I guess I'm just hoping for some advice, especially since no one I know at school seems to be dealing with anything like this.

(In case any regular posters feel like quizzing me -- it's nothing serious, just a bit debilitating for awhile, so I'll be fine)

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