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Franklin Pierce Law Center / Review of Franklin Pierce and Concord!
« on: April 11, 2006, 08:46:00 PM »
I attended the Franklin Pierce admitted student day in April, and I got an overall good feeling about the school. I had visited Seton Hall first, and while it is a nice, new facility in a busy place, I was still uneasy about living in Newark.  The career services director who spoke at Franklin Pierce said that they work with everyone to try to get them internships and externships in places where they would like to be, as well as jobs after graduation. The professors I talked to were friendly and down to earth.  They have an honors program now where the top 25 people in every class don't have to take the bar in NH if they are accepted into the program. There is a new IP clinic opening up, and their patent law moot court team had just won some kind of competition in Washington DC. They seemed to have a strong Public Interest program also, and many students were interested in that area (I'm a chemist so I'm interested in patent law). Concord is not too exciting, but I like that it's safe, clean, and has limited distractions. However, I did go into a bar and it was just as lively as any bar in Pittsburgh. I've never gone to "clubs" or anything like that, so for people who are interested in that kind of scene I really don't think there was much around. It's an hour from the beach, an hour from Boston, and an hour from Vermont's ski resorts, with another in NH being only half an hour away. It's also the capital of NH, so there are lots of opportunities that arise from that. Everyone was very friendly, from the professors and current students right down to the waitresses and people on the street.

The building and facilities are situated by a nice park with a pond (complete with an otter, I saw it!). The building looks like a big colonial style building, and it's clean but obviously old. The classrooms are relatively small, so most classes will probably be smaller than at most law schools I've seen.

In conclusion, I think it's a great place to live and study as long as you are not craving the energy of a big city. I would rather live somewhere like Concord long term than in a big city, but it seems like many FP alumni are working in places like NY and DC. If I forgot to add anything, feel free to ask me, or if you attended the admitted student day , add your thoughts, please.

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