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Transferring / Re: Please Help. Should i transfer to UCLA???
« on: June 24, 2009, 07:30:07 PM »
Hi.  I go to a t2 school with very good local and some national recognition.  I will am top 8% in my class after 1L and graded onto law review.  I know of someone w/ these exact credentials from the same school that transferred to UCLA, my dream school.  I know I am not a definite to get in on transfer just b/c of the other person, but this is assuming (and hoping) I do.  I am planning on practicing in the area of my current school on the east coast, but I want as many options as possible everywhere.  I am scared that if my grades fall, I will regret not taking the significant jump in reputation.  Should I transfer?  How much respect does a top 8% guy get in OCI?  Is it enough to warrant staying?  Please elaborate on the value of top 8% at OCI vs. starting fresh at UCLA.  Thanks guys.

From what you have posted there is no point in transferring from an east coast T2  to UCLA if you want to practice in the city where the T2 is located.  Top 10% seems to be a good place to be at a T2 in the past, but who knows how that will workout this year during OCI. 

Also, if your school is in a secondary market, firms may be sensitive to the fact that you left to attend UCLA and will be leery of your commitment to returning to the market after you do graduate.

And the Immunization Form for students who are under 26.

Everyone has to fill out the TB questionnaire, regardless of age, right?

To which other schools did you apply, Dongo?

Transferring / Re: Chances at NYU/CLS?
« on: June 24, 2009, 04:07:14 PM »
Currently at a mid T2, 3.85 GPA (Top 3%).  Chances transferring to NYU/CLS?

You and I are in the same boat.  Faculty from my school tell me that based on transfers over the past several years, chances are decent to good.  Good luck!

Has anyone completed their health screening? 


Oh, are you talking about the TB screen?  Is there something in addition to this that we have to take care of?

Simplicity has it at 490 offices.

Ok, that's better than I was expecting.  NALP has 757 results for law firms, some are probably duplicates.  Even going from 700 or 650 to 490, that's more than a 20% drop off.

Current Law Students / Re: Favorite law blogs
« on: June 23, 2009, 04:48:05 PM »
then when do we hear more? also, do you actually know the guy who's writing it? or is it you writing fiction?
I assumed the 7/1 for unavailable chapters meant they would be posted on 7/1.

I met over the phone with my counselor, who seemed surprisingly optimistic both in regards to our chances (as transfer students) at OCI and our chances locking up a 2L summer associate position in general (considering the bottom is dropping out on the economy).  She looked up rising 3Ls and graduated students who had transferred to GULC from my current school in the past and most were working at biglaw, which was relieving.  I thought, as transfer students, we might have a scarlet T on our chests at OCI, however she claims this is not true and this may even be a bit opposite from reality.  Further, if you just read you would think we should drop out now because no firm is going to show up to OCI.  However she said that participation is only down less than 20% from last year, which I found quite surprising.  All and all a pretty pleasant experience.

It is good to know they keep tabs on transfers and what they end up doing.  It is frustrating trying to get basic statistics from my current OCS office or many of the schools that I have applied to as a transfer.

Do you know how many offices are interviewing at GULC this year?  I didn't think the 110 page list we received had more than 400 offices, which is quite a bit less than 80% of the firms listed in NALP.  Mine 400 figure is just a rough estimation, though...

Does the DC Metro have a monthly pass, student rates, or does everyone pay per trip?

Job Search / Re: Transferring, targetting Dallas
« on: June 23, 2009, 07:25:02 AM »
They fit well in Dallas, and UT isn't exactly the most easy-transfer-application-having school.  Go look how they handle LORs and their stupid fillable-pdf application.  Also, if your fondest wish is law review, you can't even get looked at til 3L...and you will get screwed with for registration.
I agree, the application wasn't the easiest to put together, but it's already sent.  Actually, it is nice to know that everything arrived in one package instead of wondering if my transcript or letter of good standing have been delivered.

In looking at large firm associate profiles, it looks like people have no problem getting hired without law review.  Do you have any other insight on this? 

What do you mean screwed with for registration?

Be that as it may, of all those schools, short of UT, I'd go to Vanderbilt or Virginia...
I thought about applying to Vanderbilt as well and I may still throw in an application. 

Current Law Students / Re: Computer problems during exams
« on: June 22, 2009, 07:19:36 PM »
At our school, you have to successfully run the program and submit a practice exam before you can use your computer for an exam.  There is a new download each semester and it must be tested.

Most of the problems appeared on the second, third or fourth final meaning that most of the problems occurred after the software worked successfully for at least one live exam.

A friend of mine on the third out of four finals, his machine locked up, he rebooted and when he tried to get back into the exam software he was unable to continue his test.  He could start up another test, but the proctor/IT guy wouldn't let him do that.  His machine worked fine for the other three finals.

I think there should be another option for students in this position.  I think giving the handful of people with computer problems a pass to the computer lab to finish, letting the IT people match up the multiple files submitted is a better way to handle these situations.

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