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Law School Admissions / Stalking the mail man?
« on: February 25, 2008, 07:23:09 PM »
I wait for the mail every day at 3:15. My mail man's name is Greg and I know the names of all 3 of his kids. He actually expects me and has my mail ready; it usually doesn't even make it inside the box.

...I have a problem.

Law School Admissions / Re: Texas
« on: February 23, 2008, 04:27:05 PM »
I'm in-state and at the lower half of their numbers; I keep thinking I might slide in as they fill the last of the class. It sucks knowing I might have to wait another month or two for a decision.

Law School Admissions / Re: SMU is calling
« on: February 23, 2008, 04:20:02 PM »
I have similar numbers and am also still waiting. Went complete in early January.
163, 3.33

Incoming 1Ls / Oklahoma class of 2011
« on: February 23, 2008, 10:21:13 AM »
Anybody going or thinking about going?

I'll post the question on jdunderground if you mail the question to 10 janitors.

Do we have a deal>?

You equated being a janitor with being a florida coastal graduate...

I stand by my orignal statement

or i could just forget law school, drop out, and become a janitor....i mean its basically the same as getting a florida coastal degree

Quit being a biatch; you sound like my 13 year old cousin. Man up and quit worrying. With your numbers I'm sure you'll get an acceptance and scholarship to one of your top choices. Unless, of course, your soft factors are anything like your personality in this thread. Sorry for the harsh words - I just don't like it when people bash lower schools.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: How much did/have you improved your LSAT score?
« on: February 18, 2008, 08:32:57 PM »
improved 10 pts... took the Kaplan course and only used Kaplan materials...

if you are about to say how you hate kaplan...screw off

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Nightmare
« on: February 12, 2008, 10:11:18 PM »
Speaking of misbubbling...

I actually misbubbled and lost 8 questions to it on my first LSAT. I noticed it because, for one, I missed that many questions in one section; I also had every correct answer one bubble early. That said, I somehow didn't circle an extra bubble on the scantron (25 bubbles for the 25 q's). I've always been told they only score your answer sheet and hand scoring checks to make sure the machine didn't record eraser marks and things like that; I'm fairly certain that is how it is. Anyone think differently?

Also, I retook and happily got 11 points higher.

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