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Oh, 500 words gave me just barely a 1.5 pages...

Hi. 500 words is Texas Weslayan. I have cut my original PS down, but it may have lost a bit of substance in the revision. At this point, oh well, it is a back up school anyway.

IMO, I do not think it will be frowned upon. Most adcomms are taught to be unbias about political, religious positions, etc. I think that if this is truly how to came to want to pursue law, then write about it. Your sincerity will come across and i think that is the most important, other than writing skills of course.

Hi. I used one PS for about 4 schools without any changes. It was 3 complete pages.  I had to edit my original PS to 500 words for one school; edit it down to 2 pages plus 1 page of why i wanted that particular school for another application; and then for one school, I had to cut down on my background and talked just a bit more of "why law" which it asked for specifically.  Ultimately, mine were slight variations to meet size limit and then one that I had to talk more about "law'.

Just a couple of changes if you want to use. I would maybe give a reason, ie stress, as to why you cancelled your first score.

I would like to explain my two LSAT cancellations.  The June test administration was an intended cancellation because I felt I did not perform up to my abilities due to.... The September test administration, however, I did not intend to cancel my score. Upon receiving the cancellation notice, I immediately contacted LSAC, certain it must have been some a mistake, and attempted to appealed the cancellation. However, since the cancellation box was marked on my answer sheet, LSAC would not revoke the cancellation.

Im am down to final final revisions, any takers? (I also have a character/fitness adendum if any takers there too)

I am of course willing to return the favor...


Any more readers for my character and fitness addendum? Thanks.

Hi. I have already cut down my original PS to about 660 words, but need to cut it down to 500. Can someone please help edit to the limit without losing substance.


I am willing to swap statements if needed.

Ill take a look. PM it over. Want to swap?

Anyone willing to read my character/fitness?? Feedback is much appreciated...

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