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As a follow up to my, "maybe URMs will get the same treatment as non-URMs this year" hope ... no.

LSN has URMs with significantly worse numbers than me getting in.

Relax. We each have so much more to offer than two numbers and a check-off box.

Oct. 12, I think. I feel the same way about all the other schools I've applied to. I've been complete since mid-Oct. and haven't heard a thing. No, I didn't apply ED anywhere.

the 166 and lower crowd falls into the "let's wait until " later category.  So, has there been any t -14 acceptances for non URM 166ers?

I was accepted to Michigan in mid-November. LSAT: 166, GPA: 3.82, definitely not a URM.

Are you an in-state applicant?


P.S. I am "Le Petit Avocat." I changed my username because I'd mistakenly assigned it the wrong gender. Oops.

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