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Oh yeah, and in my miserable state I got called on in class yesterday.

I felt so bad for you.  You sounded like you wanted to die.

Ugh. I felt like crawling under the desk. It was one of those times that you can just feel that you're going to get called on. She seemed so angry with me, too!

:) Possibly. Under normal circumstances, I actually enjoy working on the ELJ. In fact, if I wasn't so ill that comment would be pretty interesting to write. Now, I don't know if all the extra work really makes a difference in the hiring process, but its a good self-esteem boost, especially if you get published.

I do know that the parking thing happened to one other person, but everyone else that hears about it has pretty much the same "WTF?!" response.

Now that I think about it, I AM unlucky - I have a 40 page comment due for the environmental law journal in a week, an assignment due for the environmental law clinic the same day, a bunch of friends that are coming in for Mardi Gras (means I have to clean), AND I have an upper respiratory infection. Of all the times to get sick. Oh yeah, and in my miserable state I got called on in class yesterday.

Dang. Unlucky is right. Oh well. Such is life.  :)

I'm not saying its not a long walk, but I have done it several times when a cab was not available or the streetcar wouldn't let me on because I refused to give up my daiquiri.

Its about 2 miles, I think. Its doable under the right circumstances.

Oh yeah, and I wanted you all to have a heads up about on street parking near Tulane. You can only be in the zone for 2 hours, but if you're there from 9 am-10am, go home, come back, are in the zone from 2 pm to 3 pm and the meter maid sees your car both time, she'll give you a ticket as though you were there from 9 am-3 pm and just moved your car from one spot to another. It happened to me. I tried to argue the ticket, but they weren't having any of it.

1) Yeah, the appellate brief sucks. But at least when its over you're basically done with LRW. Hooray! (Except for the oral argument, which is a lot less painful than you think it will be.)

2) As far as where to live, I lived ON Magazine street my first year. The location was awesome. I drove down to the shuttle and took that to school every day. I always found that parking around school was more trouble than it was worth. If you give yourself enough time, the shuttle works really well. Also, it isn't a bad walk from school to the shuttle stop, so the few times the shuttle went MIA I just walked back to my car with a friend.

I currently live on in the Garden District. Its farther away from school, but I really like the neighborhood. Its close to entertainment stuff and I can easily walk to the Quarter. (That should come in handy the next couple of weeks.) I actually take the streetcar to school each day. They sell month-long passes in Loyola's bookstore for way too much money, but its convenient. I know a lot of people knock the streetcar because it isn't exactly on a regular schedule, but again if I give myself enough time to get where I'm going, its not a problem. Besides, nothing is on a regular schedule down here.

I personally would not want to live within blocks of school for a few reasons. For one, when I leave that building, I want to get far, far away. That probably sounds weird, but it goes along with the second reason I like living a few miles from school: sometimes I just want to go to a bar (or anywhere) and NOT see another law student. There tends to be a significant amount of drama in law school (see previous posts about a shoe and a party). Sometimes I just want a break from everything law school. I like the geographical distance, because it gives me some emotional distance from law school as well.

But that's just my 2 cents.

Do any of the 2L's know the usual class ranking such as GPA for top half, top third, top 25, top 10?  I looked at NALP's ranking but that was based on 2007 graduating class.

To get away from the party talk.... after second semester last year (from what I can gather), the 50 % mark for the current 2Ls was right at 3.0 or so. I couldn't tell you for sure about the rank after first semester

Oh no. Never.

I'm not as concerned about what the party-goers did. I know I made a comment about the lack of malicious intent in my last post, but that was really not the point of the post. I think it was an inappropriate party.

However, I don't think it is proper for someone to "out" someone else on a public blog, complete with names and photos. Those pictures were on Facebook, so employers could find them if they really tried to and they could make their own assumptions about that person's judgment. For me, though, there is a difference between an employer stumbling across those pictures and having a blog that labels someone a racist be the number one hit when you search their name on Google. That's a serious accusation and I personally could never do that to another law student, no matter how much I disliked them.

I'm with vjm on this one. I'm all kinds of conflicted.

As you can probably tell from my name, I'm in the STL boat. I don't go to law school there, but I am oh so passionate about that city.

Think about it: the Cardinals or the Nationals. I know which one I'd rather watch.

I completely agree that this was done in bad taste. However, I read the story on a blog that posted the names of the people involved along with their pictures. I can't agree with that decision. The careers of the people in question may very well be adversely affected. While I think that what they did was incredibly disrespectful, I don't think that it was done with malicious intent. I feel like publishing their names is a way to punish them, and I can't agree that that severity of punishment is warranted. Just a personal opinion, though.

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