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I donít really post that often, but I need some help guys. I was pretty much thinking I was gonna go to Mcgeorge this fall because I had only gotten waitlists and rejections and the only schools I had left were IUB, Univ San Diego and Loyola Law School.  I had already gotten waitlisted at USF so I figured I was going to get rejected from these schools, but I got my IUB acceptance last Friday. YAY.  By the way my gpa was 2.44 and my LSAT is 165.  I thought I had no chance at this school.  So hereís the dilemma.  I know it sounds stupid, but would I be dumb for going to Loyola or San Diego if I were to get accepted? What if I were to ask Mcgeorge for more money and they gave it to me?  Mcgeorge is offering 10k a year, and IUB is 24k over 3 years and I have to maintain 3.2 gpa. 
Things to consider:
Iíve never lived outside of California and I want to live here after I graduate.  (How does IUB place in California?)
My family and friends all live in California.
My gf is in California and if I did go to IUB we would have to break up, and I donít want to
I donít know about living in Indiana ( I would know nobody)

Some additional questions
1.   How hard is it to maintain a 3.2 GPA at IUB?
2.   How hard do you think it would be for me to find a job in California after I graduate from IUB?
3.   How hard is it to get in-state-tuition after a year at IUB? People say its hard but not impossible, but what exactly does that mean?


I can't really address many of the other questions, but just wanted to let you know that 3.2 is approximately IUB's median GPA. I visited IUB, so if you haven't and have any questions about what it was like let me know, and I'd be happy to help!

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: Emory ASW Review [Long]
« on: April 10, 2008, 07:37:53 PM »
Muhammad, I was in that group too!

Is that so?  Huh, I guess I met everyone but didn't know it.  Who were you?  Message me, if you'd prefer.  Are you settled on Emory?  If so, also facebook me  :)

I was shocked that seemingly everyone in our group knew of the T14 myth because I'd heard it was mostly an internet label.  Well, that explains it.  Everyone in Group 1 is a member on LSD.  Figures.

Ha, yeah Decider and I were sitting in the back row at the middle desk. I've definitely decided on Emory, so I'll certainly facebook you!

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: Emory ASW Review [Long]
« on: April 10, 2008, 10:42:35 AM »
Decider, I was reading what you wrote and was thinking to myself, "Hey, this all sounds familiar."  Then I realized we were in the same group, haha.  Do you know who I am?  I think our professor for our group was a great, knowledgeable, real guy.  He didn't put on a show for Emory.  He was genuine with his comments and that was far more helpful than any kind of Emory marketing.  I imagine that you and GC were the only LSDers I met?  Man, I had no idea it was you.  Good meeting you.  I said I was watching you after the Hotel Parking secret you were keeping, didn't I? ;)

I didn't get to attend the reception for Friday night but I will say the Friday morning/afternoon event was amazing.  I'm sorry to say most missed it but, as it's the nature of the beast, there were only a dozen of us which contributed to how well put together it was.  Extremely personal discussion was had.  It was very insightful for what one should expect.  We had details about everything and got to sit in an actual class.  The students who hosted it were really sincere in their musings about Emory.  Like I said, I love the real talk and not the marketing stuff.  I'll just ignore your marketing sugar coating.  Every school has its faults, there's no need to hide them.  Glad to say that the small faults of Emory are not deal breaking.

I agree about Career Services.  I wanted to know more.  They say ~20% end up in NYC and ~50% stay in ATL.  Is that their choice or was their hand forced?  I imagine that there are numerous students wanting to head back to NYC and stay in ATL because it was their best option.  However, I can see some people heading into 1L wanting to go to NYC but loving ATL and staying there.  I want a clearer picture.  It seems like at top 40% of your class, you have a shot at Biglaw in ATL.  But for NYC Biglaw, it's something around top 20%, per what LSDers have said.  Why can't they just Vandy us and give us the data?  Come on.  That should be made public.

I do, however, feel that being on LSD/TLS/LSN for months now (though a reader at first and posting now that Law School x Class of 2011 topics are shaping up), I have a firm grasp on what to expect.  It seems like several current students didn't appear to know as much about what Emory can do for them but perhaps they were just dumbing it down for me.  I definitely feel like I have a handle on housing, however, due to LSD and the current Emory students that post here.  Thanks, guys.

I also want to talk about the NY reception.  Basically, it was held to say, "You can take your Emory degree back to NYC."  Of course, I never doubted this.  But it never addressed just how well these students did in their class.  I know it may be somewhat of a taboo to say, "Hey, I didn't finish in the top half of my class but I was able to land a great job in NYC" but it's important to know what's in store for us.  One woman said that her best friend, who finished at the bottom of her Emory class, is a judge in Colorado or something.  I wish she had said what kind of judge but that's good to know.  It seems that after you land your first job, only the school you went to matters.

Muhammad, I was in that group too!

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Emory Class of 2011
« on: April 03, 2008, 07:11:12 PM »
Thanks GC, very helpful! I'm so excited, I'm leaving in a couple hours to drive for a ridiculously long time to get to Atlanta! Can't wait to meet you all, and Bing, I was definitely planning to play golf on Sunday. You're probably a lot better than me though...anyone else play?

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Emory Class of 2011
« on: March 31, 2008, 09:31:03 PM »
Damn my EFC of $25!!

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: OSU or Temple ($$$$)?
« on: March 31, 2008, 02:13:58 PM »'s supposed to be really easy to get in-state tuition at OSU (especially 2nd and 3rd year), and they focus a lot on helping you to do so, if that helps your decision any.

I'm thinking Jello shot

General Off-Topic Board / Re: How tall are you?
« on: March 30, 2008, 09:25:46 PM »
You guys are all so tall! I'm only like 5'2...

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Emory Class of 2011
« on: March 30, 2008, 05:26:48 PM »
So I started looking at to see what people said about some of the apartment complexes near Emory, and has anyone else found that there seems to be a massive amount of crime pretty much everywhere? I think I have yet to see one without someone noting something about crime. It's kind of frightening me... :o Have any of the current students had to deal with much crime where they live? Any tips for what areas may have less crime?

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Emory Class of 2011
« on: March 30, 2008, 04:25:16 PM »
Unassorted thoughts:

When I called the financial aid off, I explained that I had filled out their school-specific aid form when I submitted my app, but that I didn't get my FAFSA in until mid-March.  They said I should still get my aid package.


I can't remember who mentioned Highland View, but I'm liking this place.  Quality apartments with reasonable suites for $650 seems pretty good.  Currently my #1 choice.


Someone linked to Emory Apartment finder.  I tried to submit something, but something seems to be messed up in their script and is not letting me submit.


Elle, what happened with the whole PM me your spreadsheet?!
(Oh, and I thought about friending you, but I'm totally embarrassed about posting here something like SEVEN HUNDRED TIMES, so I'm going to keep everything a secret and deny any affiliation with LSD!)

Well, Decider...I wanted to PM it to you...then I remembered this post:

1L's can pay $1000 for the year or $500 per semester to park @ Emory Inn across the street. There are less than 40 spots. Whereas you pay close to $700 for the entire semester for a parking deck not near the school. Another way is if you ride a scooter or ride a bike. You can also park at the various malls (tho kinda far)l and ride MARTA. There is also one guy that I know that just parked around campus (& he was always late to class). Emory's campus police (who are real police, not rent-a-cops) catch you they will tow you or hand you a ticket costing $$$.

I intentionally avoided posting this so that I could get one of those 40 spots.

And now you're not even going to friend me???  :'(

Ha, actually, I've been trying to add stuff to it, plus it's sort of tailored to what amenities I wanted, so hopefully it will still be useful to you, but don't worry, I'll get it to you soon...

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