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Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / New York the toughest market?
« on: January 03, 2008, 09:01:44 PM »
Since I live in the tri-state area, I'd like to work in NYC.  Seems like the most glutted market though.  Is Chicago any easier?  I'm considering sending a free online application in to Loyola even though I've never even been to Chicago.  Are Boston or Philly substantially less crowded than NYC?

Studying for the LSAT / Now or Never - Retake or Not?
« on: January 01, 2008, 08:08:23 PM »
Ever since I got my 159 back in December, I've been debating this.  My score puts me just about the 25th percentile at a bunch of the schools I'm considering.  It puts me at the 75th percentile at others.  I left some blank on the Logic Games section (my worst one) because I ran out of time.  I feel that even with just better time management and some Logic Games practice, I can probably hit 160 or 161 at least.  The question is, would this be significant enough (not only for getting into better schools but also for grants to lower ones) to retake?  Some people recommend against retaking in February because it is too late in the cycle to even be considered at most top schools.  I applied to some schools already, and I'm going to send others in soon.  If I decide to retake, I guess I have to put that on the apps I'm doing now.  But how about the others?  Do they find out when I register or when I get another score?  Seems like I should notify all schools except for the ones I'm pretty sure I'll get into with my current score.  Should I call the schools up and ask them what to do?  BTW, my undergrad GPA was pretty low at an Ivy League school, and I'm several years out of school, with a grad degree and work experience, so I don't want to wait another year to apply.  Law school for me is now or never.  So basically should I go for that 162 if possible and maybe a lower T1, or be ok with what I have?

Here's the deal.  Just under 3 GPA at a tough school, upper-150's LSAT looking in the Boston-Philly corridor.  Don't want to go into deep debt.  I'm shaky or unlikely at schools like Villanova, Temple, and Rutgers (either one).  Dad went to Temple (so maybe a shot).  Looks like I would be in at Penn State-Dickinson, but where do their grads work?  Do they place in Philly or Pittsburgh?  Is it better to hope for money at a Tier 3 or 4 or retake the LSAT to get a higher Tier 2?

Part of the problem is Dickinson requires a separate personal statement about why you specifically want to go there.  So I have to find out if there's ANY reason to go there full-price.  If not, I can save my time.  Thanks for your help.

I'm 30 and applying to law schools now, having a master's and some work experience.  What are the best T2 schools and below for "nontraditional" students?  Basically, I want to be able to fit in and be social and not always be conscious of being different, if that's possible.  I'm not even opposed to doing some partying (I'm single with no kids).  I've applied to Temple and Rutgers-Newark, which both seem to have a few older students.  Any others?  How about Suffolk?

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