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Really?  No activity in this thread for months?

I'll have you know, there's a new building going up across the street which I myself will never enjoy.  But you damn future people will.  Yes.  I said it.  Damn.  You will.  Enjoy.  It.


I believe this thread is falsely titled.

Enlightened principles reveal that Penn Law 2011 is where you should be.  That is all  ;)

Unsubstantiated allegations not worthy of consideration by this rational fact finder!


Hey guys -

Quick question, exactly how cold does it get (temp wise), throughout the year? My dad laughs at me that I'll never be able to handle it if I decide to head to Ann Arbor.  :(  And, is it deary/cloudy when its cold?

Sorry if its a silly question, but coming from Fl/never haven seen snow, its a real concern of mine.

It's currently 34 F. 

Honestly, it does get pretty cold.  I don't know anyone from FL here, but our southern Californians seem to be handling it alright.

bump for the newest admits.


I am very excited to share with you this update on the Law School’s building expansion and renovation.  Today the University’s Board of Regents approved a project that will consist of an additional new building south of Monroe Street and a Law School commons in the eastern courtyard between Hutchins Hall and the stacks. The cost for these two components, in 2010 inflation-adjusted dollars, is $99 million; additionally, the project includes the design and installation of a suitable replacement for the metal siding on the Legal Research Building, at a cost of $3 million.

- Dean Caminker

Hurrah! Status checker went to "decision" today, so I think I'm in as a summer starter..unless they are now rejecting ED candidates right off.  I am very interested in the Phid House, which I understand to be some sort of nefarious skull-and-bones-type society.

I don't know anything about Phid House, except that it's a secret organization and probably responsible for global warming, mass murders, and kitten deaths.  If you're into that, I would totally recommend it.


Any particular reason why you would suggest living off-campus?

You're forced to pay for food if you live in the LC.  You can find places for significantly cheaper that will allow some of the money you're forced to spend on food at the LC to be spent on booze instead.  Living off campus is pure efficiency, people.


I am incredibly happy to see that my little thread already has 3x as many posts as the HLS 2011 thread, even though that one was started three days ago.  Simple pleasures, simple delights!

Also, could we get "current student" as an option on the poll? :P

No problem, plenty of time to change polls while I'm here not studying...

NOTICE:  This action will reset the poll.  Please respond again.

tag. (hope I did this right, first post. Only this thread could force me from a longtime lurker into a full-fledged member)

Hello, and welcome!

Only four admits so far?  I expected more.  Go recruit your friends.  Come here.  Have good time and so on!

Can we just skip the waiting and start now?

Unfortunately, even we at Michigan are incapable of making time run faster.  I apologize.   :-\

Law School Applications / Re: Michigan decisions are out
« on: November 28, 2007, 07:08:31 PM »
Michigan admits!
Future Michigan admits!

This thread is for you:,97554.msg2474315.html#msg2474315

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