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Current Law Students / Re: adverse possession exam question
« on: December 27, 2006, 06:57:24 AM »
I could be wrong as my brain has just started re-solidifying again after finals. But I thought that lot 2 was conveyed, and assuming there is nothing wrong with the Deed, there would be no color of title but good title to lot 2. Now, adverse possession would be running as against the true owner of lot 1.

But also, it would also depend on if there was an actual true owner (besides the grantor) of lot 2. Because, if there was a true owner of lot 2 then he would have to take possession of lot 2 and stay there for required time. I see it as this, another owner of lot 2 = color of title, not another owner = good and clear title.

Transferring / Re: Transferring from SIU Law to the U!!
« on: December 24, 2006, 03:12:36 PM »
I also know that transferring is pretty much my only shot. This waiting for grades sucks.

Transferring / Re: Transferring from SIU Law to the U!!
« on: December 24, 2006, 03:09:49 PM »
They said they require 20% or B avg. I think I may be hurt when going for class avg though. THe two different sections at my school are VASTLY different. My section is full of really smart hard working students, and the other section is full of lazy kids.

Also when trying to transfer how does it work. When do you apply? I have no idea when my second semester grades will be out. GRRR

Transferring / Transferring from SIU Law to the U!!
« on: December 24, 2006, 11:15:48 AM »
O.k. I am currently a 1L at SIU Law at REALLY want to practice in Florida. I know how hard it would be to go from Southern Illinois to Florida after graduation. I have thought about trying to transfer to Miami. However, the cost and debt associated with a transfer scares the hell out of me. I will graduate with approximately 60k in debt TOTAL from SIU law, that includes undergrad and Law school. If I were to go to Miami, it would probably be around 120k in debt.
I got a 153 on my LSAT and the only thing I know of my grades thus far is I have 93/100 in my legal writing and research skills, have no idea what my letter grade is, but is should be up there. Who would think it would take 3 weeks to calculate grades?????
I just need info and advice from those that have done the transfer thing. I have a wife and kid so I have to consider all details.

Job Search / 1L at Southern Illinois University
« on: December 16, 2006, 01:13:08 PM »
Without receiving the usual "YOU SHOULD HAVE WENT TO SCHOOL IN FLORIDA" response. I am looking for some assistance or info from the kind people on this board.

I am a 1L at SIU in Carbondale Illinois. My main goal is to go back to FL when I graduate. I went to SIU because of the cost of tuition. As I see it now, Because I have a family and still need to support them while they are here, I have 3 options.

1)Work here this summer and take my chances.
2)Apply for one of the summer programs in FL. (Pretty sure I won't get one coming from a 3rd tier in IL)
3)Apply for some positions as a clerk in FL and try to attend a summer semester at a law school in FL.

Does anyone have any suggestions. I am not naive and I know it will be hard. I am just trying to do what I can. My grades are not out, and have no idea where I will finish. ONly thing that I possibly have in my favor is that I have 8 years military experience.

Any Help???

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