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Transferring / Transfer Resume
« on: June 11, 2009, 06:04:38 PM »
This has probably been covered before but I couldn't seem to find it.

Do you put your 1L school on your resume after you transfer?  If so, I would have 3 schools on my resume!  Seems like a lot.  Does anyone have a good template they could send me that would make my resume look less like a car accident?  Ideas?


Transferring / Re: Possibilities from NYLS
« on: June 11, 2009, 09:04:33 AM »
With the economy and business of law tanking, I feel I need to trasnfer from NYLS. I've heard horror stories from ascending 3l's about OCI. There are only a handful of firms attending NYLS' OCI as most are only using the dreaded resume submit. I'd be giving up a 30k per year scholarship and law review. I am nearly positive that I am in the top 1-2% of my 1L class. I want to stay in the city and would love Columbia or NYU but am also considering Fordham. Is it possible to jump from TTT to T14?

Yes.  Apply today to Columbia, NYU, and Fordham.  Get out of there.

Transferring / Re: Grades from the third tier --> T6
« on: June 02, 2009, 07:50:35 AM »
Hey guys,

I thought I would post a question here and get the collective wisdom of the board. I am currently at a TTT looking to transfer to a T14, hopefully a T6.

My fall term GPA was a 4.0 and ranked in the top 1%. This term I nearly had straight As again (including a few high papers), but I had an off day and got a B in one of my courses. My cumulative grade-point is still above a 3.95. Not sure what my class ranking is yet.

I know that to transfer up as far as I would like will take near perfect grades. So my question is: To the extent that transferring that high from a school ranked as mine is even possible, do you think the one B this term will kill my application?


You never know if you don't apply.  I am top 10% at a T4 and made it into the T14.  I think you should apply and hope for the best.

Transferring / Re: transfer, writing sample?
« on: May 25, 2009, 09:43:29 PM »
Sounds like a waste of time and perhaps an easy way to an automatic rejection.  Do you really think your ability to analyze legal issues, with only one year of law school under your belt, is going to impress anyone that reads your application?  If you are talking about something that was published, put that on your resume/cv and they will look it up if they are interested.

I agree.

I also think it shows an inability to follow directions, which cannot help.  Submit what they ask for.  If a school asks for a writing sample (which I doubt they will) submit one.  Otherwise hang on to it.

Transferring / Re: UChicago ED Roll Call
« on: May 17, 2009, 10:46:35 AM »
So, did anyone get an actual rejection?

I did.

You guys don't know what the @#!* you're talking about re: East Coasters.  We're super, super hospitable and usually wear our hearts on our sleeves.  We'll also be the first to call bull and not pretend to like someone. 

So East Coasters are exactly like Russians?

In many cases, they are Russians.

Womp womp.

For what it's worth, I completely agree with CTL. This is a great article explaining why:

Great article! I live in Chicago, which is like this in a milder sense.  I guess that's why Chicago is nicknamed Second City.  Always living in the shadow of glorious NYC.

Current Law Students / Re: Am I Nuts?
« on: May 12, 2009, 04:11:35 PM »
So, I'm contemplating transferring to UVA, UMich, or Duke. I'm a 1L at a school in Virginia right now and obviously going to UVA would be the easiest logistically. My only hang-up, however, is that UVA doesn't do any kind of latin honors (that I'm aware of) and transfers aren't eligible for Order of the Coif. I've done quite well as a 1L without too much effort and a big part of me wants to transfer to a school where I can really apply myself and (possibly) have the honors to show for it. As far as I know, transfers are eligible for latin honors/OC at both UMich and Duke. All three schools allow transfers to try and write-on to LR. I'll also say that I like the lay-prestige factor of Duke. Duke would be the easier move of the two, but Mich is ranked higher. Granted, I'm not sure there's really that much of a difference in job prospects between the three anyway. I'm also interested in doing a federal clerkship (District or COA if possible-yes I know they are extremely tough to get) before working for a large or medium sized firm (100+ and not one in NYC...). I realize grades, school name, and journal experience are big factors in clerkships. At my current school (A T30 school), I'm already ranked high and will likely get on to LR. Prof LOR's would obviously be easier at my current school as well.

Given my career goals and other motivations, what are the pros and cons of each option? (Stay, UVA, UMich, Duke). Is there anything I'm not considering? Would I be crazy to choose Duke over UVA and Mich?

As a side question, will crappy UG grades hurt my chances for a fed clerkship? (~3.0, psych)

Just speculation:

I imagine it would be the easiest to get a federal clerkship out of Michigan, however I bet you would have a good shot coming out of UVA as well.  At Michigan and UVA (I believe), you can write onto LR as a transfer, so I think the increase in school prestige would be worth the gamble of whether you make LR at your transfer school as opposed to the sure bet you have at your T30.  Finally, the lack of latin honors, in my opinion, are far less important.  I think class rank would be exponentially more important to jobs and clerkships.  A lot of schools probably have all sorts of variations on latin honor, so they may be relatively meaningless (unless you graduate Magna from Harvard).  Again, I'm not terribly sure about any of this!

As for the UG grades, I don't think that should matter at all.  my guess.


Transferring / Re: UChicago ED Roll Call
« on: May 12, 2009, 12:52:23 PM »
My status changed to 'decision pending' and no call.  looks like bad news...figured.

John Marshall in Chicago has a good legal writing program (4th in the country), a solid PT program, and decent placement in Chicago if you are not retarded.  Although I am transferring out, it could be worse...

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