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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Stetson $$$$ vs UF $
« on: April 22, 2010, 06:30:02 AM »
I take all responses where I can get them. :)

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Case v. SUNY Buffalo v. Temple
« on: April 14, 2010, 03:24:42 PM »
Reason? Wouldn't I have a hard time getting out of the philly market?

I'd rather live in Philadelphia than Buffalo or Cleveland.

You will probably have to do some work to escape Philly, but I bet it's less than you'll have to do to escape Buffalo or Cleveland.

Also, consider the long term viability of the cities. Philly will probably always be there, but the Bills will have to move one day, signaling the official death of the city of Buffalo, and Cleveland (the city) is going to disband as soon as LeBron jumps ship into an ocean of cash somewhere else.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Is Chapman really that bad??
« on: April 14, 2010, 11:24:31 AM »
Chapman is decent enough, but it has a location problem. In SoCal, Chapman is just plain overshadowed by too many bigger, better, older schools. If you picked them up and dumped them in South Dakota, they'd be great, but in SoCal they'll always be like 8th fiddle.  

Still, Chapman is much better than the other two options you have on the table at the moment, and the scholarship should make the whole thing much more bearable.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Stetson $$$$ vs UF $
« on: April 14, 2010, 11:19:01 AM »

Hey, where have you been?  How are things going?  Are you now a 2L or 3L?   If 2L, anything for this summer?

Everything's cool, I've just been out and about leading the hustla lifestyle as of late. I'm still a 2L for another month. I have a little something lined up for summer, but nothing spectacular at the moment, probably just doing part time work and part time school.

And how are things in your neck of the woods?

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: texas law schools
« on: April 06, 2010, 08:40:18 AM »
Texas over GT any day, no doubt.

Hey Reginold!

Well played sir.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Texas Schools- 155LSAT/3.42GPA
« on: April 06, 2010, 08:32:08 AM »
You could still get back to SA with a Texas Tech degree, and your numbers scream Tech.

Yeah, if you took the LSAT cold, you really should retake it. Given how much a few points can effect the quality of the school you end up at, which is very determinative of how your early legal career will play out, the LSAT is probably the most important test you'll take in your legal career, excluding (but maybe even including) the bar. And, as Nealric said, a few more points could be worth some fat stacks of cash. Ruin your life now for another 2 months, study hard, retake the LSAT, and profit for the rest of your life. There's no reason a cold 155 can't be a warm 160-165.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Wake Forest, Elon, or UNC?
« on: April 05, 2010, 11:14:11 PM »
Wake or UNC. Why we are even having this discussion is beyond me.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Case v. SUNY Buffalo v. Temple
« on: April 05, 2010, 11:13:29 PM »

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Gonzaga VS Albany
« on: April 05, 2010, 11:11:16 PM »
Probably Albany, given that they're in the NY state capital while Gonzaga is basically in Idaho.

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