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I doubt being gay, in it of itself was a major factor in Czar's acceptance - if anything, it might have been a component in his PS, especially if his sexuality created a unique personal experience.

Czar - if that is your picture, I would take it down. Everything you have posted here can and will be used against you by your classmates (see also XOXOHTH and JuicyGossip). It could also hurt you during recruitment, but I haven't been reading your posts, so I don't know what you have been saying. Law school is worse than high school, so if you don't have anything on here that is fodder for gossip, then you might not have anything to worry about. But I would err on the safe said and keep yourself as anonymous as possible. Just a forewarning...

Appreciate the advice.  No, this is not my picture.  Incidentally, I didn't even discuss being gay in my application with the exception of checking the box on the application.

Highly unlikely, perhaps, but impossible, obviously not.  I applied for one of the FT joint degree programs at SMU and was granted admissions with no stipulations back in late March.    I applied to Cardozo May entry PT program b/c I was interested in starting law school early since I don't have anything to do this summer anyways.     

I did not apply part-time, fool.  Check your sources.   

Your posting history suggests an interest in Part Time programs in general.

I'm sorry, but it's highly unlikely that you will get accepted with numbers that are around the 25% for both LSAT AND GPA unless you are a URM. This almost never happens at any school. So, color me surprised if you were accepted with these numbers and it wasn't to the PT program and you are not a URM.

Who knows? Maybe being gay is a a severely underrepresented minority at SMU and you got a huge boost.

What czar got in part time no wonder with those numbers I thought he slept with the adcomm czar you really are a total homo

I just found it a bit funny that he listed all sorts of irrelevant crap but omitted the most important detail in his favor.

I did not apply part-time, fool.  Check your sources.   

Agreed Braski- Czar is a tool

Actually, I was just trying to explain why people might be accepted with lower numbers.  As far as people with lower numbers getting scholarship money from SMU, I really think that the scholarships are misleading.  Many schools actually charge slightly more than what is actually necessary so that they may turn around and give most of their entering students "scholarship" money.  The school can then boast that almost all of their students receive some sort of financial assistance. 

As far as being a tool, I think anyone that assumes that I am must themselves be.  I am as glad that Braski declined SMU as I am that AmericasTeam has not yet been admitted.  I certainly wouldn't want those "tools" in my 1L classes. 

I got in with a 3.4/159...Here are some of the other factors:  I had my application in by October, visited the school twice, had great recommendations, speak 3 languages, had a kick-ass personal statement and have had dinner a few times with the woman who is chairing the SMU Law School steering committee.  It also helps that I have a body like Adonis and a movie star smile  ;D

but yeah diet, maybe they were scared of me... my previous disciplinary violation was somewhat unique, but nothing that reflects bad character, I think they might just be uptight about those things

What about your grades?  There are more factors to your application than just your LSAT score. 

Financial Aid / Re: Choosing a Bank/Lender for GraduatePLUS Loans?
« on: April 22, 2008, 07:15:22 AM »
Bank of America offers you a .25% interest reduction if you become or are an existing account holder. 

I see it this way...if they really want you, they would have already accepted you.  Why go where you really aren't wanted? 

Well, obviously you can only go where you're accepted, and if a school accepts you then they cannot not want you. Anyway, the outcome of the decision is sort of irrelevant: whether accepted or rejected, it's still best to know as soon as possible. Also, UCLA, for example, didn't even tell many applicants so much as if their application was complete--we had to call in to check. It's come down to withdrawal of my application by virtue of making a seat reservation at another school because I can't afford to wait any longer.

Right...  Good use of LSAT logic.  The point I was trying to make is that you will probably always feel like the ugly stepchild if you are not accepted until July or some late month in the application cycle. 

I see it this way...if they really want you, they would have already accepted you.  Why go where you really aren't wanted? 

OMG im scared-- just read incoming class profile on the tulane law site and it said only 38% of incoming students are female!? Down from 49% last year? WTF!? Seems silly, and low.......any comments about the women at tulane law

It's worse in the business school: 83/17 in the finance program.

Perhaps, though, after several years of low enrollment of incoming female students, the admissions staff has admitted a higher percentage this year...

Thanks a lot!  Where are you thinking you'll go?

Maybe a high percentage of girls are afraid of New Orleans. 

Congrats on the SMU scholarship.  I just saw that while browsing LSN.

Botbot, did you make it on to the current student panel for tomorrow?

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