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i'd say probably penny or reese or rev/ash. assuming they're attractive and like having a good time, especially to relieve 1L stress, lol. does this apply to before we reach law school though?


Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Opinions on Lewis & Clark?
« on: February 11, 2008, 05:46:03 AM »
Is rental housing usually restricted to apartments in the SE or are there other options, such as efficiencies, detached units, etc.? It would be ideal to rent a small bungalow or something for a variety of reasons including our pets, but I don't know if this will be possible. If there is this option, does rent jump considerably?

General Off-Topic Board / Re: ITT: You fess up to your LSD crush!
« on: February 10, 2008, 09:22:55 PM »
pretty good as flame though.

TITCR. obvious troll...120.

$500 at Lewis & Clark

of course, we've all heard this before and i don't think too many people on this forum care about doomsday advice anymore.

biglulz, your name is cool..what's with the tree though? i dont get it

I'm going into environmental law so I gotta love the trees. My former pictures were people/animals lulz'ing, along the lines of:

of course, we've all heard this before and i don't think too many people on this forum care about doomsday advice anymore.

^ big lulz? what are you talking about, if hs'e afraid or too lonely to travel alone? how old is the OP? this is law school, he should try to get used to being alone and living on his own, for his parents won't accompany him to court

It doesn't matter how old the OP is or whether they are afraid or not to travel alone. The fact that this IS law school, and the point I was trying to make is that the only opinions a person should value are theirs and those of the people they care about. If he/she feels more comfortable bringing parents to an unknown city all the way across the country (understandable), they should absolutely do so without worrying about what other people think. If a future classmate at the ASW looks negatively on the OP just for that reason then they're obviously immature and not someone the OP will probably want to be friends with.

From SoCal and nervous about visiting the east coast. Do parents come to admitted student days, or is it typically students only?

There was a thread on this a few weeks back that you can search for to get some good answers. Generally I think that you should do whatever makes you feel most comfortable, especially if you're nervous about traveling across the country alone. The best idea may be to bring them along to visit the campus, tour the surrounding city, and then while you're at true "student only" activities, have them scope out stores, living locations, restaurants, etc. It could actually be advantageous for you, as they know you and your interests well enough to know what places you'd like.

^ wow, marriage in law school will be tough, grooves. polls have shown that approximately 62% of people married in law school end up separating before they graduate, which is quite shocking considering the national average of the divorce rate is now hovering around 45%.

LOL, by the way, you must be one of maybe 3 posters ever on LSD that successfully striked up a conversation with a female poster, convinced her to meet in real life, and persuaded her to go to the same school- kudos on the non-creepiness, grooves! 

Well, she is finishing her doctorate in pharmacy, so she will be busy too.  We have been together for 5 years already, so I say "bring it on" for the law school stress.

Also, the being engaged helps eliminate creepiness. 

Same situation here - fiancee and I have been together for 5 years, getting married in May, I'm starting law school and she's starting her career. Surprising as that divorce statistic is, I look forward to having her with me and know she'll help keep me sane and appreciative of life outside of law school.

University of Oregon and Lewis & Clark.....ya I'm biased.


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