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Where should I go next fall? / William Mitchell, Hamline, or St. Thomas?
« on: November 23, 2008, 12:31:20 PM »
Which of these three schools in Minnesota do you think provides the best option for a legal education and why?

Reviews, Visits, and Rankings / John Marshall-Chicago
« on: November 23, 2008, 09:29:25 AM »
What are your thoughts on the school? Does anybody here attend the school? What about a visit?

Reviews, Visits, and Rankings / Re: Questions about Golden Gate
« on: November 22, 2008, 07:20:09 PM »
 I believe that regardless of the statistics if you go into a school motivated you can land a good job out of GGU or just about any law school. Because you have to believe that the lower tier schools attract quite a few people who dont deserve to be in law school...

Law School Applications / Re: 3.9/176
« on: November 18, 2008, 03:08:33 AM »
No seriously guys, I want to go to a good school, help me out.

Law School Applications / 3.9/176
« on: November 17, 2008, 04:49:30 AM »
What school's should I realistically be applying to? I took the test in June 08' but decided to take a hiatus from my dream as an attorney due to personal reasons. Things have improved and I am looking at applying again... Do you guys think I have a good shot at Harvard or Yale? What about any other schools?

Where should I go next fall? / Re: Florida Coastal
« on: November 15, 2008, 02:23:16 AM »
Are you all just big law elitist wannabes though? Because thats not what im looking for in my career, I'd like to have time to enjoy life and have a family :)

Where should I go next fall? / Re: Florida Coastal
« on: November 15, 2008, 12:57:17 AM »
I hear they have a good sports law program though... thoughts about this?

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Why Obama will lose in the fall
« on: November 14, 2008, 03:10:48 AM »
All white folk report to the cotton fields at 5am on Monday!

Law School Applications / Re: Which Addendum? Quick read - please assiste
« on: November 14, 2008, 02:51:13 AM »
I concur with amplified... I have the same book, and I agree with what Mrs. Ivey has to say. You will just come off as a nitpicking whiner by writing an addendum. So don't send one in. The Adcomms see it all the time and they will understand.

Where should I go next fall? / Re: Florida Coastal
« on: November 14, 2008, 01:01:43 AM »
Theres alot of lurkers, but nobody is commenting... come on people!

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