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Choosing the Right Law School / USD v. UC Hastings
« on: February 17, 2008, 05:08:04 PM »
I could really use some help making my decision. Here is my situation. I was accepted to both University of San Diego and Hastings. I have a $17,000 scholarship for the first year at USD, and so far nothing from Hastings.  I have also read that Hastings doesn't offer scholarships over about $8500, although I am not positive about this fact.  I am also out of state, so I would be paying out of state tuition at Hastings for the first year and hopefully in state for the last 2.  Overall, this would make tuition at Hastings slightly lower than USD, but cost of living in SF would probably make it more expensive than USD in the long run.  Quality of life is a big issue for me. I am moving out there with my SO who will be finishing his masters in Electrical and Comp. Engineering in August, so he should have no trouble finding a job in either city ( I assume).  Both of us would prefer to live in San Diego, but are ok with living in SF for at most 4-5 years.  We're pretty much over big city living and are looking for something more relaxed.  Living by the ocean and in perfect weather in SD is a big pull. In addition, I have no desire to enter Big Law. I am hoping to get involved with juvenile law, or work for a non profit related to the juvenile justice system.  As you can tell, I would prefer to go to San Diego, but am concerned that this would be a huge mistake since Hastings is ranked much higher, more well known, and more respected.  Money is also a big concern of mine, especially since I have no plans to get Big Law.  Hastings has a great loan repayment program.  USD has a loan repayment program as well, but hardly compares. Im thinking of asking USD to increase their scholarship offer.  Do you think they would do this based solely on my acceptance to Hastings without a scholarship offer?
Sorry for rambling for so long. I'm just looking to see what other people would do in my position.  Any insight would really help since none of my friends or family have ever gone through this process.   

Choosing the Right Law School / Question about defering
« on: January 26, 2008, 02:44:53 PM »
I already posted this on the USD board...but the board seems dead, so I apologize for posting again...anyways, I searched University of San Diego's website but could only find information about deferring in the LLM program. Does anyone know if USD will allow an admit to defer for 1 year from the JD program?  I was accepted today for the fall of 2008  and it's most likely my first choice.  However, I have a reason for wanting to defer for a year, so if anyone knows if USD will consider this, or has done so in the past, I would love to know.  Otherwise, I'll try giving them a call on Monday. Thanks!

Law School Admissions / Need Advice!!
« on: November 04, 2007, 09:23:51 AM »
Hey everyone,
It seems like a lot of people here give good advice, so hopefully someone can help me out here.  I took the LSAT in Sept. and basically bombed it.  My average practice test was around 164-165, but I ended up scoring a 157.  On the first logic game of the test I copied one of the rules down incorrectly, which caused me to answer 6 questions wrong and by the time I realized my error I didn't have enough time to go back and correct the problems.  I also misread many of the LR problems and made a lot of stupid errors.  Basically I was really nervous and I'm obviously going to retake in December. 

I really want to go to University of San Diego, but at the moment my LSAT and 3.3 GPA are not working for me.  I had a 3.9 my senior year, but when I went abroad the manner in which my grades were transferred back really hurt me since the school I studied at used a very different method of grading (I will be attaching an addendum) and killed my GPA.  Anyways, USD has a part time program which is easier to get into, but I'd much rather go full time. Should I send in my applications now for the part time program or should I wait until January 1st to get my LSAT score and send everything as soon as I get it?  Also, should I just apply to the full time program, but state in an addendum that I would definitely go into the part time program if rejected from the full time?  On the application you are told you can only check full time or part time and not both.  For all of the other schools I am applying to, should I hold off on the apps or send them in with a note saying I am retaking the LSAT, so they should wait to decide on my app??  I hope that didn't sound too confusing. Any help you guys could give me would be great. Thanks!!!

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