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Law School Applications / Re: DOWNY is thankful
« on: December 17, 2004, 11:35:23 AM »
I don't know who norman vincent peale is, but he sounds like a feminine hygiene product.


He wrote the Power of Positive Thinking, HTH

BTW, DOWNY, I seem to recall you wondering if I could even get into Cooley in another thread.  It should frighten you to no end to know that it is now a realistic possibility that I could be joining you at University of Minnesota with money.


I wondered when you would respond to that. (I know you can get into Cooley).

Congrats on UMN. It's frigid here, though, just so you know.


Yeah, I knew you knew I could get into Cooley, but I didn't know if you knew I'd been accepted to the frigid weather or Minnesota.

But despite the cold, I hear the chicks are really gorgeous.  This balances out in my book.


News Discussion / Re: Should This Man Still Have a Job?
« on: December 17, 2004, 11:21:16 AM »
This guy is ridiculous, he displayed a lack of judgment about how others would perceive him at the very least.

The sociology course is just as ridiculous.

I agree with Lobe.  This was a case of people in the judiciary licking their wounds, and making him a scapegoat for his bad judgment, in order to make the rest of themselves look good and racially sensitive.  I'd guess this guy wasn't any more racist than many on the bench who will stay right where they were (and who may have voted to censure him), and yet he wasn't as savy at hiding it, so he takes the fall.

Just another example of the culture of appearances and perception.  I think perception over reality, in the world of "professionalism", is the rule.  And it's sad.  Whatever happened to sincerity?  Why do we straitjacket ourselves over time into our societal roles that we force-fit ourselves into an unnatural sincerity over time?  I mean, obviously some level of sophistication is needed so as not to be savage, but how far do you take that?  Do you attempt to completely force-fit yourself into something you're not for polite company?  Would this man have been any better if he hadn't worn the facepaint?  No.  But he'd still be sitting on the bench.

I say keep him on the bench, as a message to all the poseurs out there.  We're onto you, and behind your pretty facade you're acting.  The only reason you censured this guy was because of embarrasment, and not because of any deep inner conviction about right and wrong.  And what an awful legacy, to crucify your own colleague on the cross of public opinion!

OK, maybe I don't really believe all of this, but it is my gut reaction.  I hate professionalism, because I think it's a clever facade that helps people get away with having a lack of integrity.


General Off-Topic Board / Re: Anti-semitic potpourri bag?!
« on: December 17, 2004, 10:35:41 AM »
What the heck is WRONG with people at my school?

Right before I enter work today, I take a quick scan of the bulletin board outside our office and notice a cute little hand-made potpourri bag pinned to the board.  In glittery glue blue and green letters it reads:

"I know what a Jew is.  Someone who killed our LORD."

Okay, WTF?  Someone went through all the trouble of hand-stitching a potpourri bag and then glitter-glueing that phrase on it?

It's finals week, and people STILL have enough time on their hands to do stupid darn like that.

So, this is the least threatening thing that could've shown up on our bulletin board, but it's getting tiresome, since Jewish professors in our department have been getting anti-Semitic literature in the mail (one even got two videos), and last August, a group of older people (who apparently didn't go to our school even) cornered one of the Hebrew teachers in her office and started harassing her.

Now that's scary.  But a potpourri bag with glitter glue?  Not so much.  People are stupid.  :-\

/end mini, cold pill induced rant.

Could you explain to me how this is different than the blockbuster movie, "The Passion"? It is a central tenet of Christianity that we are responsible for killing JC. There is no ambiguity as far as the scripture is concerned. Naturally anyone who believes that the scriptures are divine will follow also this teaching. Sometimes it appears in a backpack, sometimes in movies, sometimes in people's comments, etc..

Not to get all theological on your ass or anything, but that's not a central tenet of Christianity.  The central tenet of Christianity, around which the entire faith revolves, is the concept that God so loved us that he sent his son into this world to be an atoning sacrifice for the sins of all who will accept the sacrifice.  Furthemore, Jesus had to die because it was part of the plan of salvation, there was no other way, so the Jews are not to blame.  It is true that Jews killed Jesus, yet they're not responsible for his death; it had to happen.  Instead, ALL humanity is responsible for his death.  Through our sins, we made his death necessary for our salvation.  So any and all anti-Semitism in Christianity relating to Jesus' death is a misconstruction of what his death means in Christian thought.  It doesn't make any sense to blame Jews for it, because ultimately we're all responsible for his death on the cross. 

Besides, even if you were to hold "Jews" responsible, it would obviously be only those Jews who lived then, not Jews today, and at that only the Jews that specifically killed him (as, you'll recall, most of his early followers were also Jews). 

On top of this, Jesus forgave the Jews from the cross that killed him.  "Father, forgive them, for the know not what they do".  And in his death, that forgiveness was extended to all of us for our sins, contingent upon our acceptance of it.

So basically, anti-Semitic Christian misunderstand the most central tenet of their faith.  I would argue that these people aren't really true Christians, if they don't even understand what the death of Jesus meant from a Christian standpoint.  Of course, that's an assessment for every person to seek his or her heart and find true of false.  I am not the judge, God is. 


General Off-Topic Board / Re: Conservative Hypocrisy
« on: December 16, 2004, 05:09:33 PM »
identity may be tied to ideas, but i've never made such a blanket statement such as ideas are not tied to identity.  my point was simply that political ideology isn't necessary to give someone an identity.  a political ideology that is constantly in flux does not necessarily mean that your identity as a whole is also constantly in flux. 

the rest of this will remain unresolved.  i can't convince you apparently, that many of these people are sheep, and your opinion will not change what i've seen empirically played out. 
Yeah, I like leaving things unresolved. ;)

Seriously, though, it's too bad that you take that view of people.  You and Marilyn Manson would likely agree on this topic.  What I find ironic is that said Marilyn is just busy making plenty more, and I am irritated by that fact.  Tangent I know.


ok.  does this look infected to you, then?

Ewwww.... -1.3 cool points.  You are now very close to being in the red.


If I get enough cool points can I redeem them for a picture of you?

If you get enough cool points, I'm sure Julie Fern, who is quite pretty, would be willing to let you look at her avatar.

If you're referring to me, I was going to post one or three on YLSD but couldn't make it work and got frustrated and gave up.


no impact on my cool points total? female dog

quien es mas macho, fernando lamas o ricardo montalban?

I don't know who either one of those gentlemen are, but I would assume Ricardo is more macho.  In almost any situation, Ricardo will be more macho than the other guy.  This is a rule of thumb that I have found to be quite helpful in life.


If you hadn't asked in Spanish and made me decipher through transmogrification of my Romanian skills, I might have initially given you cool points.  But since you asked... eh.  Why not +.8?  Congratulations.


General Off-Topic Board / Re: Conservative Hypocrisy
« on: December 16, 2004, 04:53:57 PM »
i'm not just referring to conservatives.  as i noted in a message above, i pointed out that many on both the democratic and republican sides vote pure party ticket.  this is the traditional delineation of "conservative" vs. "liberal" even though it's obviously arbitrary and more complex than this.  

i'm not telling anybody that they have to believe what i believe.  i just think everyone needs to find a foundation for their beliefs that has been developed over time by themselves and with influence from others, rather than adopting a foundation that never sees a moment of self-criticism.  obviously, there is not one moment in time in which everyone questions everything they believe.  having an identity is not tied to your political ideology, or going back to what this discussion started out being, believing in the sanctity of life but approving of the death penalty.

Sorry, wrong, your identity is tied to your ideas.  Your ideas include your political ideology.  It's very fundamental.  It's not all you are, but it IS a huge part of who you are, and I don't know how you could reasonably try to argue otherwise.

There is no one moment in time where people question everything they believe.  But at different moments through time, most people ask all the existential questions.  Why am I here?  What is my purpose?  And what does that mean?  The answers they come to on these kinds of issues will likely determine the way they approach politics.  Incidentally, the answers to these questions are also tied to their religion.  That's why I don't think it's unreasonable to think that someone who votes for Candidate X, when their pastor said to vote for Candidate X, would have voted for Candidate X whether or not their pastor said anything.


Law School Applications / Re: Really need some advice - please help....
« on: December 16, 2004, 04:49:28 PM »
A well-written addendum should address this issue.  I wouldn't think it would be a huge problem, if you just decided your passion was law, and that you were more cut out for it than for your MA program.


quien es mas macho, fernando lamas o ricardo montalban?

I don't know who either one of those gentlemen are, but I would assume Ricardo is more macho.  In almost any situation, Ricardo will be more macho than the other guy.  This is a rule of thumb that I have found to be quite helpful in life.


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