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Choosing the Right Law School / PT?
« on: October 20, 2007, 07:12:42 PM »
posted earlier... have a 3.4 and a 156, any thoughts on schools? i'm thinkin Penn state, villanova, temple, seton hall, ny law, widener (safety?)...and do you think PT will help my chances? b/c im pretty sure im either at the lower end of those with my lsat or average.. also, if you apply part time, do you have a choice of day or evening? b/c I would hate to have to take evening... any help appreciated.. villanova's my top choice, I couldn't find anything about PT at all on their website so i don't know if they even offer a program, so if anyone knows let me know! Thanks <3

hey, im a senior w/ a 3.4, lots of extracurriculars, legal internship, scored a low 156 on the lsat. I'm planning on taking it again in December, but what schools should I be looking at? I really wanted to stay in the tri-state area, and what do you think about Villanova and Temple? Too far fetched? lemme know!

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