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Law School Applications / Re: (Revived) Latino/a Thread
« on: February 22, 2005, 04:45:56 PM »
actually I think Upenn is doing some extreme yeild protection - making sure whoever they accept presents a strong reason for why they would actually go as opposed to being a 5 or 6th choice in case HYSCC dont take them.

Law School Applications / Re: (Revived) Latino/a Thread
« on: February 22, 2005, 02:21:18 PM »
thank you - thats too bad - oh well  - I did notice some of the things you mentioned on BLSD - but perhaps the latino/latina thread should become more active? which i am surprised it has compared to its earlier inception....

I think there are a lot of intersting isssues within the hispanic/latino community because of its diversity - I always wondered why it wasnt more discussed - and not just in the mexican community - although that is the largest latino demogrpahpic - I liked to read BLSD because alot of the social issues they discussed are relevant to minorites in general - but even I realized, and rightly so the views expressed were from a black perspective which does not mean "pan-ehtnic" perspective.  I always have to remind myself that - I think hispanics are too quick to look at minority social issues as a WE issue and we expect other minorities to look at it like that - but the reality is many dont.   

when I here of a success story for a black or hispanic individual - I thnk thats great - it builds a sense of hope and gives me a sense of general accomplishment but I dont think many people are that all inclusive - which is too bad...congrats on your acceptances mari too.

Law School Applications / Re: (Revived) Latino/a Thread
« on: February 22, 2005, 01:45:19 PM »
too bad i didnt know about this stuff and the stuff is already down, I am going to go see what is left - but if anyone - can explain what the heck happened - in a brief sentence or two it would br appreciated.....all i can say from the little I have read - this is so not cool...oh well

Where should I go next fall? / Anyone stuck between GWU and Fordham?
« on: February 18, 2005, 05:24:06 PM »
I have both and they are my serious considerations but dont know what to do.  Fordham edges out GW just becasue it would be cheaper and easier since I live in the city.

well it was a little more than that there was a lot of back and forth - it wasnt like here you go just give us this -  and its a different situation if your parents were never married and your father has never provided support in 20 plus years and they are still trying to demand proof of no support.

but they eventually did accept a notarized letter.

finally a family history of poverty goes to my benefit

a) my family (I and my sisters) support my mother financially - not that bad when split 3 ways but still a financial burden.

b) bad news jerks will probably request father info - too bad I can't provide a thing!

had a friend whose ls demanded some notary confirmation that she couldnt get father's info.

I am urm -
split lsat 148/159

check out lsn under glascow1

and just got rejected by  Notre Dame - it would be kind of funny and messed up if I only got into the first school that accepted me and got rejected by every where else ....I would like to have some choice .... :-\

but ok  ........anywhoo I wrote 3 essays and sent two addendums, 3.37 gpa some extras , some great recs...thats all - still lucky I got in to GW - if you look at GW other urms who got in GW had a 159 minimum and some got rejected outright.

I think revealing lsats and sats is obnoxious if it was not part of the conversation - I mean we are talking about jumping from A to C with no B linking it for to be there.

I had one person tell me their lsat (170's) without me even asking for it or even on the topic of scores, and another person (same person in chicago) who after college in our first ful time job told us her SAT score (just to prove how "smart" she was) when we discssing possible law schools of interest.

it is obnoxious if its not asked for or even part of the conversation. and yes people with high scores who need outside affirmation and need to feel better than other people do this quite often. 

I woulsnt sit on acceptances but I dont care if other people do - its totally their right - they got in and they can only go to one - so their right hold out as long as they want - as long as everyone isnt doing it - then it kind of messes with schools admin offices - but maybe they deserve it??  who knows.

well definitely use money on shoes unless there is another school that you would definitely attend if you got in....

thats why I withheld chicago, no chance of getting in and if I did get in I wouldnt want to go to chicago, plus all the stuff I heard about the schools student pop, really makes me think I would not be happy with the sort of people who attend - and I do agree most who do - do it because they couldnt get in to HYS:  knew a girl from work 3 years ago who goes there - total tool! and obnxious to boot!  the type of person who will tell you what she got on her sats and lSATS! I kid you not!  

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