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Current Law Students / Re: Best note taking software for L1??
« on: August 10, 2008, 12:38:34 AM »
OneNote doesn't have much of a learning curve.  You could probably "learn to use it" in about 15 minutes, so I'd just open it up on your computer now, mess around a little and you should be good to go.  It seems so much easier to keep things organized on there instead of having a bunch of separate Word documents.

Current Law Students / Re: How long did it take you to finish UG?
« on: June 20, 2008, 02:17:07 PM »
2-2.5 years, depending on how you look at it.  Graduated high school a semester early and did a semester of community college, so that's where the .5 comes in.  2 years at a regular 4-year university then on to law school.  I took several hours per semester (19-21), summer classes, etc.  I had 21 hours of credit from high school (AP and dual-credit classes), too.

It was an OK decision for me but wouldn't be the best for everyone.  It's kind of weird being the youngest person in my law school class, but it's not a huge deal.  If anyone is thinking about graduating early or whatever, you can PM me and I would be happy to talk to you about it.  The weirdest thing is that most of my friends still have 3 years left in undergrad (most are on a 5-year plan), so I'll be graduating law school when they finish undergrad.

Current Law Students / Re: Another Restaurant Fight
« on: June 20, 2008, 06:44:13 AM »
Maybe you hate him because he made a scene at a restaurant over $2.50.

Current Law Students / Re: Open Office
« on: May 16, 2008, 07:30:16 AM »
I didn't use it for outlining or anything, but I downloaded it for some basic word processing a couple years ago on my parents' computer that didn't have the real Microsoft Office, just since it was free.  I found it to be a pretty awful program -- it was constantly freezing up and many of the functions just seemed to not work.  If you already have Word, I would suggest just using it, from my experience anyway (keep in mind I had Open Office 2 years ago, so maybe it's improved).  If you don't have MS Office, just break down and buy it -- for a few more days, "The Ultimate Steal" sale ( is still going on for MS Office Ultimate 2007 (the one w/ everything) -- for only $60.  I just got a new laptop for law school and ordered the Office CDs from that site and everything seems to work perfectly (I was a bit skeptical since it seemed too good to be true, but it's legit).  Sorry to sound like an advertiser for that site, but I figured some other law students might want to get in on the deal.

I had a very weird phone call the other day from a school I've already been accepted to.  The admissions coordinator left a voicemail on my cell phone late in the day Friday, and I didn't have a chance to call back until Monday afternoon.  I left her a voicemail at that time and she returned my call around 30 minutes later.  I answered the phone and when she said, "This is _____ with X Law School," I said, "Oh hello, how are you doing?" to which she replied, "Uhhh...kay."  Now, I had assumed she was calling to see if I had any questions about the school or to discuss my scholarship offer.  Instead, she said to me, "I see you put on your application that you attended X (this school)."  I just said, "Yes...?" and she said, "Well, you didn't."  I was a bit taken aback by her rudeness (her voice inflection is hard to describe over the Internet, suffice it to say it was not pleasant), but I simply replied, "Well, I am not earning my undergraduate degree from X, but I do have some credit hours from your school."  The application said former students (NOT graduates) do not have to pay an application fee, so I didn't send one in with my app.  I sent my apps in back in October and was accepted by this school in December.  It is a little late for them to be noticing.  Anyway, at this point, she informs me that my credits do not count since they were from a dual-credit program and demands that I pay her the application fee immediately over the phone.  I explained to her that I did not have my credit card with me right now, and even if I did, I do not give my credit card number out over the phone for privacy reasons.  To this she responded, "That is too bad, I need the fee NOW."  I asked her if she could send me a bill or give me an address to mail in a check, and she said, "I prefer payment by phone.  What is your credit card number?"  Again, I explained that I do not have the card with me and don't give out my info over the phone anyway.  She asked a third time for my number and I said I would try to get the matter resolved, thank you and goodbye then hung up.

Now, here's the situation: I am NOT attending this school.  In fact, I had been drafting my withdrawl letters for a couple of days, but I just hadn't sent them in yet.  I am VERY overqualified for this school (LSAT about 10 points above median, GPA about .6 above median) and they have offered me a generous scholarship as well as a research asst position.  When I applied, this school was at the very bottom of my list, I only applied because they are very close to home -- in case I had a financial breakdown this year, I could live at home for awhile and go to this school (I tend to be a worrier and want to have all bases covered).  However, my finances are fine and I have already decided on another school to attend.

What do I do?  Do I pay the app fee even though I am not attending the school, I AM a former student, and the lady was extremely rude to me?  Or do I just mail in a withdrawl letter and hope they take the hint?

Sorry so long, but I really don't know what to do here.  I just have a hard time sending in the money after the way I was treated -- this lady was also rude to me at a law school fair.

Law School Admissions / Re: For those of you who applied to Iowa...
« on: January 25, 2008, 09:20:23 AM »
I used my standard PS that I used for a dozen other schools and Iowa accepted me fairly early on, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Law School Admissions / Re: WUSTL acceptances?
« on: January 23, 2008, 09:10:12 AM »
I got the e-mail yesterday saying that my LSDAS report was going to be requested soon, but I had also received that e-mail early in December.  Besides, according to LSAC, my report was requested in mid-November.  So, I called Wash U today at the number in the e-mail and the lady was very polite and said they had an e-mail go out yesterday that was sent to some people who didn't actually need to receive it.  She pulled up my file and said I was complete and didn't need to worry about it.  So, it sounds like the e-mail was just sent to some people on accident -- but if anyone is really concerned, you can just call and they'll pull you up just to be sure.

E-mail... you find out more quickly, but minus the awkwardness of a phone call.

I have only spoken to the pre-law advisor listed on my LSAC one time, and it was to interview her for the campus newspaper last year.  She was very rude and short with me and I didn't dare infringe upon her precious time again with any law school questions.  Instead, I attended a few pre-law events at another nearby school and asked that advisor a few questions.  He was much friendlier and more experienced.

Law School Admissions / Re: Addendum? What kind of explanation will work?
« on: January 07, 2008, 11:36:43 AM »
Ok, I have no extracurricular activity whatsoever.
What kind of explanation for something like this will make me ok?
It's embarrasing to say for myself, but my numbers are otherwise pretty darn good.
And there's one course that I did very poorly.
All straight A's and just that course I got B on. Is an explanation like "the course was very different from other courses that I took and it was not what I explected" ok?

Surely this is a flame.  First of all, would anyone *seriously* consider an addendum for ONE B?  Secondly, I would think that someone who would be freaking out over one B would have better grammar -- such as knowing how to spell "expected."

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