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I bought a netbook for portability this weekend. I'll Exile from the ballgame.

Someone come pack for me and clean my house. Timmy, you aren't doing anything...

JFC what's wrong with us!

Thursday I'm supposed to leave to meet up with you foolios in Nash, and I have to bring 7 weeks worth of stuff with me. And the house is kind of smelly, maybe from dishes or garbage or something. So I have to take care of that so it's not a festering cesspool upon my return. Here it is almost 9:30, ~36 hours before I have to be ready to hit the road. Have I done ONE SINGLE THING to get myself ready? One tiny thing?

No. No I have not. I wonder if this is a sign of mental illness?

If you're throwing away your food and turning your fridge off ---> you must leave the fridge door and freezer door open.

I am and I shall. I'll be bringing a big jar of Marie's blue cheese dressing to Nash.

3 points for the sneak-attack TWSS!

So listen... when one leaves their home for 6 weeks in the middle of summer, is it best to turn the a/c totally off or leave it set to, like, 90 or something?


What about cheese fries?

I once read that it's poor etiquette to eat sushi with chopsticks. You're 'posed to cram the whole thing in your mouth at once with your hands. Which, come to think of it, might be appealing to you, PJC. I myself enjoy the opportunity to thumb my nose at conventional Western propriety and decorum.

I got nuthin' to say. I need to pack but I don't wanna.

So you get Huddle House *to go*?

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