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Okay great but to be fair, you only have to pack for 4 days.

The cashier at my Circle K tonight has pink teeth. What's up with that?

I'm really going to take advantage of the drinking part this weekend. Fair warning.

Me too prolly. If we get arrested we can hold hands through the bars of our respective holding cells.

Kind of ironic that Tim's the last to meet anyone, since he's so freaking iconic.

Oh the stories we could tell.

So I just started doing laundry. The room where I planned to do my pre-packing staging has no lighting. I'm getting nervous, like maybe I won't be rolling into Nash until Friday early AM.

Did the kids stay in the room?

"Kids? You all be good and stay here. Mommy's thirsty." :D ;)

I'll be bringing 2 beers with me. I might lord them over you all like trophies, and bequeath them to my favorite IRL Exilers.

That sounds heavenly, tbh.

I just Street Viewed it. It's hulking.

I want a free bar. Is the gtg hotel as classy as MBW's hotel?

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