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I was kind of hoping for an Egg McMuffin this morning, but no one's brought me one yet. I also ate 5 eggs last night in an attempt to clean out my fridge. 5 is a lot.

I generally have a very hard time falling asleep.

Dude. Me too! I just downloaded some deep sleep hypnosis mp3s. We can rock that *&^% all weekend long.

Well I have to be up to go to work.  I don't know what his excuse is, he should be asleep :P

Gazing through your windows, perhaps?

I may arrive in Nashville later than expected.

Me too. I ain't slept yet.

It's so weird how you guys always seem to wake up and start posting at the same time...

Oh - those 2 beers I was going to bring and lord over you all? I gave them to the dude who cleaned my kitchen. Sorry but... you understand, right?

You'se guys, wtracing just left my house. He came over to clean my kitchen, swear to god. My school attracts the most amazing, awesome people.

Your time would be better spent in nashville getting your awk drink on. Think it over.

mmhm. SO flattering.

What happens if you TRY to eat quickly?

In public I sometimes eat smaller portions to avoid ruining things for everyone else.

How dainty.

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