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Are there an underlying anxiety that is associated with attending a predominately white institution with the student and staff majority white?

 ***DISCLAIMER: This is not to be misconstrued, offensive, derogatory, or racist in any way.  If you do reel that this is in any way offensive, derogatory, or racist then you may want to ask yourself why YOU interpret this question in that way.***

It is actually a real concern that some minorities do not either recognize or gets misdiagnosed (whether merely dismissed as a more familiar symptom of general anxiety caused by other random things).  Regardless, those who do acknowledge, yet maybe not a readily explanation for these feelings, this post is for you (and I to an extent).  Do you have any anxiety whatsoever about this? 

Are you asking if there is a specific psychological condition that is attributable to this situation?  I would say that this is very common in any situation where there is something that makes you stand out from the majority.  

As a white person, I've found myself myself in a group of all or predominantly minorities and have found the following to be true.  When it's a varied  mix (Blacks, Arabs, Caucasians, Asians, etc.), I may notice I'm the only white but it doesn't bother me.  If it's nearly all the same racial group but myself, I do feel a bit uncomfortable because clearly I am the odd man out.

And yes, depending on the "vibe" I am feeling from them, that discomfort may be in the form of real anxiety.  Not simply because of the racial make-up of the group itself, but because clearly I am the minority in the situation and the bad-mojo I may be perceiving (e.g. a street gang vs. young republicans).

But more importantly, this isn't even a racial thing, as it is about just being different.  As a fat person, I've found myself feeling uncomfortable when I'm around a lot of skinny people.  That may sound like it's insignificant compared to a racial difference, but realize also that growing up, and even today, I've been the subject of scorn ranging from just dirty looks to being physically assaulted (especially as a child) because I was overweight.  To a similar extent, I have had the same feelings and experiences by being the odd-man out when being the lone liberal in a group of conservatives (and vice-versa, I tend to play the contrarian politically), and the lone man in a group of women (especially when they are scorned angry women), and the lone atheist (and quite vocal) in a group of believers.  

In short, you might be surprised that a lot of people feel the same way but for their own personal reasons.  

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Lawyer jokes...
« on: May 03, 2009, 04:55:46 AM »
I think those were both pretty funny  :D
I have one that my step-dad told me recently:

A soccer mom, an accountant, and a lawyer were all asked: how much is 2+2?
The soccer mom immediately replied, "4!"
The accountant ran some calculations before responding 4 as well.
The lawyer pulled the shades, dimmed the lights and said "how much do you want it to be?"

I dunno, that made me family seems to think I'm going to be such a shyster. No idea why... ::)

Hate to hurt your feelings, but this is traditionally an accountant joke, with the accountant saying "how much do you want it to be."   See... that makes a lot more sense, because accountants are notorious for "creative" accounting that manipulates the numbers to hide income, boost it, etc. etc.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: What to pack for law school????
« on: May 03, 2009, 04:49:05 AM »
Plenty of briefs

(was this too obvious, or sublimely clever?)

Most doctors I know are, on average, smarter than most lawyers I know in terms of pure intelligence. My husband is a doctor, and is ridiculously smart. He took one look at my LSAT prep books and could get almost perfect scores right off the bat (very irritating BTW). Just looking at his work makes my head spin.

But I think lawyers tend to be more street smart, and may think more quickly on the fly. I am not sure that being more intelligent at the margins buys you much, since both lawyers and doctors tend to be very smart. And of course, this is all generalizations. I've met dumb doctors and brilliant lawyers, and vice versa.

Is this because the training makes them that way, or because people with that qualification are drawn to that profession more so than being, say, a doctor where they need to make life or death decisions quickly on the fly.  (You can probably guess where I'm going with this).

Generally speaking, I would say doctors prove their intellectual chops through strenuous testing and training in order to get their degrees (assuming they didn't go to San Salvador Medical School and are real doctors and not chiropractors).  That isn't to say all doctors are geniuses, as some of them are only slightly smarter than the average bear (follow some of the cases of practitioners with multiple malpractice cases against them).  But still, it's easy to fail out of medical school and the bar is relatively high leaving the cream at the top.

I'd say that bar is lower for lawyers, scientists, engineers, etc.  All of them have their members who could have excelled (and some have) in other fields (the guy who invented the first "home-computer" went on to become a practicing doctor).  They also have their fair share of average quality workers, and those who barely cut it at what they do.  I won't venture to guess which group is smarter because it'd require looking at the subsets within those groups as well to do just analysis (compare an IP attorney to one who does drunk-driving defense, or a theoretical physicist to one who does basic psychology research). 

I found something out about Kent when I was considering this offer. Oh, before that, let me mention that Kent really made it attractive by reducing the seat deposit from 750 to 100! Anyway, when I was checking on financial aid, I learned that they are not a Direct loans school. THat means that the grad plus loan will be at 8.5% not 7.9% and that if DL makes the gradplus loan the same terms as the other direct loans (6 months grace from graduation not 60 days from last disbursement while in school), the grad plus loan through Kent is going to be much more costly!  I wanted to share this with you in case some are still considering and did not realize it (like me).

So DePaul is still my front runner with Cincinnati as a backup.

Interesting.  The .6% difference doesn't both me (I actually factored 8.5% for the whole amount) but how much of the loan is deferred interest accruing till after graduation makes a huge difference. 

I got the same email, and the letter confirming it came in today.

For weeks, I wasn't sure what to do. It came down to DePaul's scholarship and total out of pocket costs were the better offer, but this... this is an offer that I cannot refuse.
 I don't know. I mean in the absolute worse case scenario, I get only 15K for first year at DePaul or only 10K for first year at Kent (this is assuming I can not make the minimum GPA at either school). But, if I am betweeen 3.0 and 3.25 at Kent, then I get 5K, and if I would have been under 3.3 at DePaul, then for the first two years, the costs equal. The main benefit would come if I am able to earn at least a 3.3 at DePaul.

  My other problem is that the DePaul admissions office, financial aid, and career services have been less than accomodating in answering my questions. Some things they don't want to tell me, and others I have to ask several times to get an answer. Statistically, DePaul has had a higher employment at graduation, but Kent has had better salary numbers. For IP they are both good, with DePaul probably having a better overall reputation in the field. I'm still stuck...not sure what to do.

I'm curious what did you end up doing?

I got the same email, and the letter confirming it came in today.

For weeks, I wasn't sure what to do. It came down to DePaul's scholarship and total out of pocket costs were the better offer, but this... this is an offer that I cannot refuse.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Best law school tote?
« on: April 17, 2009, 04:35:24 PM »
Go for the international man of espionage look:

Or you might want this one if you plan on carrying all your books:

Current Law Students / Stupid question on casebooks.
« on: April 13, 2009, 09:44:05 PM »
Stupid question, I haven't actually looked into this but... are casebooks exactly as described? Books of case law?  If so, do they bring anything to the table, like the author's interpretation of those cases?  It'd seem you're better off just downloading the text of the cases from online and not waste your money lugging around 20lbs of paper that can be stored on the laptop.


It's pretty gut-wrenching, especially as a vet to see my commander in chief and president bowing to some two bit, a-hole monarch. We poked fun at every Bushy misstep. Where is the media onslaught now?

Bush was given a lot of leeway for about 2 years.  Even with the election issues, the media treated him with general respect and, 9 months into the presidency, 9/11 happened and he had the highest approval ratings of any president for decades prior.  The whole country rallied behind him, the whole country wanted blood, and the whole country supported the first war to go after the terrorists. 

It wasn't until 3-4 years into the presidency, and really not until 5-6 years well into his second term, that the media really started to attack him on a much more consistent basis as being the complete buffoon that he was. 

Thought I should give you a little bit of a recent history lesson. 

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