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Do you know where you ultimately want to practice?

know, ugh! I find it frustrating that the e-mail from Dean Richard said they might not be able to do more scholarship-wise until post-April 15 (although I do understand why they have to "hold" at this point)...b/c IMO the $500 deposit is a lot on the chance that one might get some $$ post-April 15. So it makes sense for people with a scholly offer at another school to put down 2 deposits, so they have the scholly backup in case GW doesn't come through. But if GW (or any other school) is going to get pissy b/c of multiple-depositing...then maybe it's not worth it. This is such a game.

Ugh.. I know.. and not one that I want to play anymore. I am really at the point where I just want to know what I'm doing and prepare mentally for it.

Probably. I have class but I'll most likely leave early.

I think calling the schools is a really good idea. Are you going to the GW Admitted Student Reception in DC next week?

I will potentially be in this same boat. But, I'm worried about being penalized by one or both schools by seat-depositing at both (there's another thread on here about multiple deposits and LSAC telling the schools which applicants are doing this). Nicole-are you going to W&M's ASW at the end of March?

I've seen that thread.. makes me slightly nervous, but GW may put us in a bind that forces us to make multiple deposits to make an informed decision. I definitely did not consider doing that before I got that email from Dean Richard. I was very excited about being decided by April 15!

And yup, I am definitely going to the ASW! Staying overnight with a 2L on Friday. How bout you?

Well right now, GW is my first choice, I have scholarship offers from other schools (W&M and GMU) that would make the COA roughly half of GW without any aid. Since I probably won't know about scholarship for GW until after April 15, I am thinking it may be best to make a deposit there and also at one of my scholarship options so I can evaluate GW based on the full picture. Bad logic?

Looks like I'll probably be making multiple deposits. Ick.

This seems to be a common thing.  The email from AR was my second such email of the day.  I wonder if the FinAid offices are tired of "show me the money" phone calls

That is understandable I guess. It just makes it seriously difficult to make an educated decision...

.. and the moral of this story is withdraw people!

Law School Applications / Re: Accepted TODAY !!
« on: March 19, 2008, 06:00:28 PM »
Fordham via email!! Been waiting on that one since December!

Sorry sydney! But you have a ton of other great options!

What do you guys think about the email the sent out today saying that they may not give more merit scholarships til after the April 15 seat deposit deadline?? That sounds like it could really have a negative impact on prospectives' decisions..

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