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Oh no my classes pictures werent up either... it was just a warning...
psugirl2nova... do you have 2003? i dont even need the software just the product key... i might have found a friend that has it but i will let you know... thanks so much for the offer. I know you can use each key on a few computers i am not sure how many though. i will let you all know if i find out because i am sure others might need to know too.

i wish they would put our book list out so i could buy them online somewhere... it would be much cheaper.. do you think they will wait so that we have to buy them there??? psu was really good about giving us notice... lets hope nova does too

well thank goodness i am not the only one that will have a bad pictures... i can only imagine some mean prof picking on me for making a face at them on the seating chart... i kind of want to use office 2003, i love having new stuff... but if i cannot find a cheap way to do it... splitting it with someone or getting a code from a friend, then i think i will have to use XP as well. which isnt a huge deal, i am comforatble with it ... and i got it from PSU as well... back when they were nice about software... i heard students have to pay for it now... what a rip off!!!

So the great computer i bought only has a trial version of office 2003 student and teacher... that does not allow me to do anything! does anyone know if Nova has a student software purchase program to get the product key at a cheaper rate? I know PSU did and it was great,,, i dont want to spend any more money.... any help or other ideas would be great... thanks!

Thank goodness I have the other guy for contracts haha you just made me feel a good bit better... so did anyone notice that they will have all of our pictures online if you click on the bottom part of schedule info??? I just want to give a warning that the girl at AAA didnt even give me a notice before she took mine, so I have a really stupid expression on my face... whew glad i got that off my chest... by the way, i got a new HP Pavilion laptop at Circuit City, it was a great sale and the newest they had... even has a tv in it and a remote... as if i will have time to watch anything... haha

I just looked at the Dell computers that VU recommends... they are pretty expensive and dont seem to be the best deal... am i missing something? I have read about better deals with Dell... any advice?

mentor?? do we each get one? I never even heard of this!

Hey I just decided to live at Radnor Crossing... is anyone else living there? I am going through the same thing with the financial aid office as you all are... you are not alone!

PS I saw the best t-shirt at the bookstore... (because my friends down there are ragging on me already about choosing Nova)

We're not snobs....
We're just better than you!

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« on: July 11, 2004, 09:59:11 PM »
Hello everyone, I just found this site and it is turning out to be a great help! I am going to Nova Law this fall and being the procrastinator that I am, I am still looking for an apartment... any ideas or advice?? I noticed there are a few other PSU alums on here... any international politics majors? Thanks in advance for any help... only 37 days!

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