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Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / Re: Financial Aid question
« on: October 23, 2007, 10:39:57 AM »
right - so just call whatever school you're applying to and tell them that under no circumstances will your parents provide you any assistance.

as long as your parents have not claimed you and they are willing to sign something that says they won't give you any money for school, you're fine.

just call or email the school. 

Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / Re: Financial Aid question
« on: October 23, 2007, 10:03:02 AM »
i was raised by my grandparents and legally, they adopted me, so they *are* my parents.
however, he died in 1998 and she is under constant care for dementia/early alzheimers.

i will be 29 when i start ls.

i emailed georgetown and they said that a notarized letter from whoever has power of attorney or someone who can attest to the validity of the statement re: i have rec'd no financial support since i was 18 and my legal father is deceased and my legal mother is not mentally fit to make decisions regarding her financial matters.

i haven't gotten around to it, but i figure most schools would accept something similar.
they have to understand that older students are different.

if i had gone the high school - college - ls route, my mom would have helped, but she's too old now and doesn't have any assets that aren't being used for her care. 

ls apps are still mainly geared towards trad apps so we just have to call or email to find out how to gear it to us.  they're going to have an answer for you.

i went through a period where i lived in the city and got a lot of parking tickets from parking meters and street sweeping tickets and then i didn't pay them and would have always warrants out for me. then i'd go get on payment plan.

this was all about 8  years ago.

is this something i should disclose?

thanks for your post! 

silly question but - if one had a misdemeanor, one would know, right?

i'm just wondering if my "failure to yield" is a misdemeanor or not?  PA's website is hard to find stuff on. and just when you think you've found what you're looking for, it's not really it or the page won't load.

i have never been taken away in handcuffs for anything. i had a warrant for unpaid parking tickets, but i think everyone gets those if you forget to pay.  i've never had a DUI or drug offense or beat someone up or anything.

i called the only person i know near my age who is a lawyer (i'm trying to be selective about bothering him with "applying to law school" stuff).  he said that they are concerned with blatant lies.  putting down the close but wrong date for employment or forgetting about a minor traffic violation (even a moving one, as long it's minor) is one thing, especially if it was a while ago and you only have one or two.  but putting down completely false information as an intention to mislead is different.  the bar and law schools are aware that people make honest mistakes.  if you were arrested, put it down.  if not, they probably don't care. (unless it's W&L who want to know if you've ever been CITED for anything. well, they have that whole honor code thing there.  unproctored exams?? who knew such a thing existed?)

so that makes me feel better. 


You can get a 10-year driving record which will show violations but not points for $5 online.
If you do not have a credit card, you can also go to AAA or certain notaries public and pay an additional fee to get the report.  If there was something that happened more than 10 years ago, it can't be seen. The DMV lady told me that even if someone (including the law school) called for the record, they can't go back more than 10 years either. 

But again, this is just PA. 

Let's hope my speeding ticket was when I was 18 not 19 and it won't show up!

oops - i meant COUNTY not country.   ;D

i just called my mom and she said that if i have only ever had traffic violations and not been arrested for anything (which is the case) that my dmv report would have everything. my insurance co or a notary agency should have it.

i will try your advice and my mom's and see what happens. i'll post back in case anyone else has this question.

thanks again!

thanks.  do you know if it the background check is inclusive or would i have to go to the country where lived right after high school and then the places i have lived since?

if you don't know that's cool, just trying to save some running around time!

the app for W&L asks for anything other than a parking ticket or something that was expunged.
i had one speeding ticket many years ago, about a year after i got my license. i'm pretty sure i was 18 but i'm not positive.  is there a way to find out what my "criminal record" is? 
is this something they would check?  i think i was doing 50 in a 35.

what about accidents?  i honestly don't remember if i ever got a ticket for an accident because i was never at fault except for one (same deal, around time turned 18).  if i had one, my parents would have paid it.

can i do a background check on myself like a credit report?

Law School Admissions / one term at a graphic design school
« on: October 22, 2007, 01:12:39 PM »
do i need to list this on my applications?

i withdrew from the college i went to right after school a couple months into the semester (my dad was really sick).
then he got better (we thought) and i went back to school the following fall, but at a graphic design school (thought that's what i wanted, i was delusional).  the second day of the second term there, my dad died.  i dropped out and didn't go back to school until 2003 (five years later). i have been full time since then.

since it was a technical school i'm wondering if i have to put it down. i didn't earn any credits that could be transferred from it and any credits i would have had at a regular college would not have been able to be transferred there. 

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