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i was raised by my grandparents - they legally adopted me when i was a baby.
so when apps ask for parent info, i put deceased for father, but mother, i'm not sure about.

she's not exactly retired, i mean she worked at some point, but not during my lifetime.
she is old (82) and has dementia and progressively worsening alzheimer's. my biological uncle (her son) has a mother-in-law apartment for her next to his home and takes care of her. (he's trained and all that, he did the investment thing and doesn't have to work so he can provide the care she needs, which is nice.)  she's not bed ridden or anything, she just can't remember anything for real long (like what she had for lunch).

anyways, he takes care of her affairs.  so to say "retired" for her on the application implies a different situation than what exists.  should i put "under medical care" or something?

if you log in to your lsac acct and click the lsdas/lor tab, you'll find all the info you need.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: unpleasant evening - can't sleep
« on: October 30, 2007, 06:04:02 AM »
thank you.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: unpleasant evening - can't sleep
« on: October 29, 2007, 03:54:40 AM »
i know - that's what it makes worse.

as i was leaving last night, there were two cops - one in the house and one outside talking to the kid. the kid had this nonchalant tone of voice altho i don't remember what he said exactly, just like "oh yeah, no problem, this is normal".  i knew that he knew if the cops didn't take him away, his mom was just as likely to continue beating him since someone called the cops and she'd blame him. plus he saw me leave so he knows that if i called, that there was no one there now.

i just couldn't stay there. i'm dreading going back that she's gonna start with me when i do.  my best friend's husband is going to walk back over with me in a few minutes when he's ready to leave for work.

this is so sad and awful.  i just hope they took that poor kid away even if only for the night.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: unpleasant evening - can't sleep
« on: October 28, 2007, 10:38:42 PM »
know the song, never saw the video before.
it has certainly taken on a new layer of meaning for me.

thanks for the reply, tho.  i appreciate it. watching the video made me feel better somehow, i guess it reminded me that there are often people on the other side of the wall like i was tonight and we all probably feel just as helpless and concerned.

General Off-Topic Board / unpleasant evening - can't sleep
« on: October 28, 2007, 09:54:44 PM »
i had to call the cops on my downstairs neighbor because she was beating her kid so badly.
i'm not even sure if that's correct grammar.

it was frightening.  i had just settled in to a nice bath when the screaming started. not their usual noise either - this was blood curdling dramatic-movie type screaming.  this kid kept yelling no stop no no stop.

i've never called the cops on anyone.  i started bawling on the phone with 911.  when the cops came the 911 operator told me i could hang up.  i grabbed my book bag my laptop and some clothes and went around the corner to my friend's house. i thought i was gonna throw up. it was horrific.  i'm still there.
i can't sleep.

i just keep seeing the same thing - i heard their door open and told the 911 operator that it sounded like they were leaving.  she told me to see if it was on foot or by car.  i went down and pulled back the curtain so i could peek out.  the door was half open and the little boy was crouched in the doorway with his hands up screaming and crying. i could only see the mom's shadow. her hand was raised and she had what looked like and extension cord or wires or cables in her hand. 

i've led a privileged life.  i have never seen violence outside of the occasional bar fight.  these people downstairs yell all the time but this was just different. it was almost 5 hours ago. but i'm still shook up by it. 

sorry if this is an inappropriate post, but all my friends are asleep right now.  i'm just dreading going back tomorrow.  i always knew some parents were bad parents, but i had never seen anything like that.  i seriously thought this woman was going to kill her son.  i hope i never hear another child scream like that again.

i don't have the stomach for social work. i'd cry every night over the kids i couldn't help.   

i had been practicing logic games for awhile but not really seeing any real improvement.

so then i got the logical reasoning bible as well and started working on the types of questions i had problems with (like kirchener suggested).  so i did some practice sections from old tests and the problems in the powerscore book for the chapters i had worked on.

then i did a timed prep test (i think it was 19 - it's prep test A in the lsat superprep). i figured i'd do that one since it has explanations.

when i prepped for the june lsat, i just did prep tests and a little from the logic games bible - all my prep tests were in the 150s (untimed and timed) and my lsat was a 153. 

but i'm taking more time to do things now and not making so many careless mistakes.   i'm hoping to just get a 160 when i retake in december. i think my slowing down as well as the logical reasoning bible is helping a lot. i'm looking at the questions differently.

i'm glad some of you had a similar experience that validates my study method (not taking all prep tests all the time but working on sections which i have trouble with and then taking the occasional timed test) .

it really is all about figuring out where you make mistakes and WHY.  i'm glad i'm improving, whatever it means! i'm going to take another timed one next week but a newer one and see how i do.

thanks all!

since i don't know anyone in the real world studying for the lsat, there's only one place i can gleefully declare that i've gone from the range of 155-158 to...162!!  i must be learning something from the logical reasoning bible!!

i'm so happy.  i hope it's not a fluke.  but it's the highest i've ever scored on a practice test!!!

i know someone wants to tell me it was just an easy test... i don't care! i'm just so happy to have FINALLY gotten a score on a timed prep test that was over 158!!!


i'm the same way. my stupid mistakes are not reading every single word. 

i'm guessing it's important in law school...or maybe it's just a skill you pick up later.

but that doesn't help you or me now.  time is never my problem except for games.  i'm just trying to make myself read *each* word.  i'm pretty good at reading fast and getting the gist cause that's all you need for college.  but this stuff is different.  ugh!

i do find that making myself circle words like "although" or "because" or stuff like that - even in the answers, makes me pay attention more.

if you find a pill for it, let me know!

retake retake retake!! you have time to register for december!!!!

go the library or the book store and get the logical reasoning bible and logic games bible.
order the preptests from (the most recent ones).

do them!  retake!! you can do better!!  i know you can!!!

i'm no expert, but if you look at the lsac info on schools, the very bottom of the USNWR 100 wants at least at 150 or 153.

your ugpa isn't bad, but your ggpa is better.  if you retake and get just a 155, that's still WAY better than being below 150.

if your job wants you to go, maybe they will pay part or all of your lsat retake fee or help you get study materials.

never hurts to ask!!!

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