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Studying for the LSAT / Re: woo hoo! there is hope!! my rc is improving!!
« on: November 08, 2007, 01:07:16 PM »
good for you!!   :D

rigel rising - THANK YOU.  i just started writing about my poetry and my brief time as a local celebrity. it's the first topic where i've gotten past the first paragraph without feeling like i had no where to go with the topic. it's also the first POSITIVE topic i've had!

i knew i just needed a push (or shove) in the right direction. 

thanks again!!!   ;D

gclemen1 - it's not being lazy... i was starting to feel like writing a bad ps would be worse than not writing one.

piggy bank and elephant lee - thanks.  so many of the ps's i've read either here or in books all seem to be about overcoming so horrendous obstacle - i guess i've just been thinking that i HAVE to write about that.

thanks for replying :)

Financial Aid / Re: When the Scholarship is more than Tuition
« on: November 07, 2007, 06:37:15 PM »
depends on the rules of the scholarship, i imagine.

if the scholarship is for total cost of attending, then any extra over tuition and fees would probably be given to you as a refund out of the bursar acct, unless you have on campus housing, then it would just go to that.

if it's just for tuition or tuition and fees, then it might round off at the total cost.

depends on who the donor is - if it's institutional or if it's set up by some alumni fund, etc.  they might all different rules regarding disbursement.

but it's a valid question to ask once you receive your aid letter.

piggy bank - thanks for the humor!  :D

rigel - hmm...i think i remember reading that one.  i read her book a couple months ago at the beginning of my ps tribulations.  maybe i'll go back and read that one again. i'm just concerned about showing that whole "critical thinking" thing that most advice says the adcomms want.  but yeah, okay... i can see going off in a different might help a bit rather than trying to divine something out my life that isn't there.  books/poetry/art do play a big part in my life.  thank you very much for the point in another direction!!! ;D

ARRGGGHH i know. i just keep trying out different things and then i ask "how on earth is this going to separate me from the crowd?"

thanks for replying tho. i need to vent my frustrations somewhere that i know others understand.  i wish i could afford one of those professional editing places.


i just found my university has a subscription to the site.

on their msg boards is a post from someone who says a friend of hers didn't submit a ps but still got into some T1s.  her numbers were pretty stellar, of course, and she could have done better if she HAD done the ps, but anyways...

anyone not writing one or not submitting it to safety schools or anything?

just curious... i still can't think of a single thing that makes me stand out. i'm a white female, middle class, my only academic awards are two dean's lists (might be more depending on this and next semester, but the schools won't see that) and an honors from my major (not the school), i have no exciting work experience (cust svc, HR, restaurants) because i just did what i needed to do to get through school.  the 5 years between high school and college and i wrote poetry and did readings (definitely what adcomms are looking for ha ha).

i haven't volunteered or done anything crazy because i just didn't have the time. i live on my own with no family support so i just work and go to school. i don't have time for unpaid internships (or even paid because it wasn't enough $$ to make up for the loss of my real job $$).  i don't have time to commit to a leadership position. i go to a satellite campus for the state U, so there is only ever one section of a class - i have to take it when it's offered, so my schedule is usually pretty crazy. 

my town is so small that it's hard to find opportunities to do things that would work around my schedule.  not trying to say "woe is me" but really, some of us just don't have that opportunity. 

but my challenges are challenges that anyone has faced if they have lived on their own since 18 or so and worked their way through college.  i've read these ps about people who worked a 530AM - 9AM job and then took engineering classes all day then helped out at the Y or some soup kitchen every evening, not to mention was class president, dean's list every semester, etc etc.

that's not me. never could be.  i need to sleep, go to the gym every so often, read something not related to school. 

i'm starting to think i'd be better off just NOT writing a PS if it's optional for the schools i'm looking at because everything i try to write ends up being trite.  i've read lots of great advice in books and on here, but i'm just at an end.  my friends try to help but it doesn't really work. 

i feel so negative nancy ::)

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Can't get over 160's, any advice?
« on: November 07, 2007, 02:17:53 PM »
have you tried the logical reasoning/logic games bibles from powerscore?

you might be able to get them through your local library or university library (that's what i do since i can't afford $60+ for them).  they have helped me A LOT.  i tried the other companies' materials but powerscore seems the best for me.

you might also want to the get the superprep from lsac.  it's only $20 i think.  there are 3 tests with full explanations for why each answer is right or wrong from lsac.  i found that helpful as well.

i find that taking the preptest sections timed rather than the whole test at once helps me.  i don't 2 hours at a time to sit down and take the whole thing.  so i'll do one or two in the morning. i find i do MUCH better on the tests in the morning than if i try later in the day.

good luck!

ps  if you are a URM, i've seen mention on the site several places that you can "add" a few points to your lsat score.  i don't know how legitimate that is, but you can look around and see what you find.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Semesters or Trimesters?
« on: November 07, 2007, 02:10:20 PM »
California Western does trimesters. You can also start at times other than fall.

Law School Admissions / Re: George Washington Full Scholarship
« on: November 06, 2007, 05:54:07 PM »
wow.  does anyone know of any other schools that do this sort of thing?

i know i can go look at every law school's website, but i'm just wondering if anyone has heard of anything.   :D

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