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Financial Aid / Re: Anyone Fet GradPlus with Paid Off Collection Accounts?
« on: September 19, 2010, 07:39:16 AM »
I had 5 credit cards which went to collections and settled all of them.  Also had a charged off account and a foreclosure.  I also was worried about getting gradplus, but had no problems.  You should have no problems.

These 'ladies' in their early 20's love the whole baby thing and they are the most fertile at this young and tender age. Therefore, men blow their load in them and they negligently get pregnant.

Current Law Students / Re: credit card debt and entering law school
« on: September 08, 2010, 04:50:10 PM »
Or you could sue for debt collection harrassment and make them pay you.

Generally, if you want to live large arising out of attending law school. You should just rack up tens of thousands in student loans. Most students who go to law school do this and have no financial problems unless you are truly irresponsible.

If the student code says what it says, you should just take the initiative and resign your position effective immediately. No need to email professors and ponder this for any length of time.  Assuming arguendo, even IF there was a waiver or some way to keep the position, would it benefit you in terms of increasing your grades in future courses?

Thus inter alia, it would probably be best to eliminate this superfluous activity and focus on the goal that every passing student from every ABA -accredited school arising out a legal education focuses on.

Hey Denny, do you happen to attend evenings at UDM?  Your story seems vaguely familiar.

How did you manage to get readmission without waiting 2 years?  Perhaps, this could help the OP.

passaroa25 : I think you got some wrong information unless Florida is significantly different than Michigan.  I have bumped across 2 students at my school who had been previously academically dismissed. All you have to do is wait 2 years and your back in business.  You could possibly get back in 1 year. IF Florida schools have such a unfair rule to bar previously dismissed students you could always go to a school in another state and then relocate to Florida. I doubt this soo called rule you refer to even exists.

You seem to be pitching some sort of 'paralegal' program.  I don't know why anybody considering to be a lawyer would want to engage themselves in something like that. You went to law school in 1987 and still havent gave it another shot? You must not want to be a lawyer that bad.

No school that I know of explicitly does, but history shows some schools academically dismiss a small percentage of 1L's every year. Here at UDM, some professors do follow a curve wherefore F's do arise. Most professors give grades at their discretion.
This is what they list as the strict curve for mandatory classes:

Grade      Percent of Class
3.5-4.0                   5-15%
3.0-3.4                   20-40%
2.0-2.9                   35-55%
1.0-1.9      10%
0.0-0.5      5%

What school did you attend?  I would certainly check out the handbook, but it seems to me that the administrations these days are just ruthless about dismissals. If you got a 1.9999999 your gone- even a very good reason may not fly.  A professor at my school who strictly follows the curve must give 5 to 10% of the class a failing grade of 0.0 or 0.5.  That terrified me from day one- especially after my first ever law school grade being a 1.7.  I may have been lucky getting that. After that though- I tightened things up and got mostly 2.8's to 3.2's.

A lot of casebooks are not keyed.  Last year only my Civ Pro had a keyed Emanuel.  Torts and Contracts I was not soo fortunate.  A general Emanuel outline is still good and is still highly relevent, but you have to jump around a little more.

I was just thinking about this the other day.  Couldn't someone who has never had a good income just go to law school and borrow (via federal loans and graduate plus)- a ton of money and live fat?  Get a new car, get a luxury apartment, eat steak and shrimp every day, etc.   You  could especially do this if you are at a cheap school (under 20k a year) or have a large scholarship.  The terms of repayment are such that a reasonable person could comfortably live well arising out of money obtained from borrowing.

This past year I borrowed less than my cost of attendance and am wondering if I was stupid to do so.

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