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Did they give us our sign-on info for the intranet?

As DS said, it's in the packets. However, it's not identified as such: it's the same sign on you use for your Tulane email account, which was emailed to admitted students earlier in the summer as well.

Also in the packet is information for accessing Westlaw, which will allow you to view the TWEN pages for your classes, which some professors seem to rely upon fairly heavily to post assignments and additional reading.

edit: ah, you posted while I was still typing...

How long has Google maps had the 'street view' of New Orleans? Seems like when I was looking for places to live this option wasn't available for New Orleans... You can even see a group of students hanging around the entrance to Weinmann Hall.

Also up. Looks like I will be on campus before 10:00 am most days, which is o.k. with me.

Need a ride?

Seriously - I just drove past there, very pleased with myself for driving rather than walking/biking. Seems like it's stopped raining now though...

edit - spoke too soon, cats and dogs out there right now.

Soo, how's about this storm down there?  I guess it's supposed to hit the south western coast of LA but I wanted to see if anythings goin' on down there!

A bit cooler and breezy this morning, otherwise no real effects.

Pulled into to New Orleans yesterday afternoon after a big cross-county drive!

By the way is today's rain normal? I'm regretting selling my canoe  :-\

^ Right - is really disappointing. Poorly organized, lots of typos, weird format. I'm used to picking up a free copy of the NYT on campus, so hopefully that can continue. Not that I'm likely to have a lot of spare time to spend leisurely working on the crossword, but still...

Leaning towards Cox on the internet - I'll likely not bother with cable t.v., as I only watch 3 of my 700 channels at the moment...

I've had Comcast in the past, and their customer service was frustrating. Then again, every internet  service or cable television company I've used has been pretty difficult to work with at times. Maybe I'll call 'em both up and see who will give me the best deal and earliest service appointment.

At my current place, only one company provides service, so you are pretty much stuck with them...

Most riders are likely too busy pushing their bikes up hills to have the time to respond with the smug superiority fixed gear bikes demand...

Anyone have any thoughts on internet service providers in New Orleans? Wondering who I should go with, or if I even have a choice...

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