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General Off-Topic Board / is a classy place.
« on: March 20, 2008, 12:21:52 PM »
The thread topics display remarkable insight into the mindís of the idiots that populate (polute?) the internet.


If someone is interested in hooking up on craigslist...I've got your man right here.

Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / Re: States ending AA
« on: March 20, 2008, 11:35:53 AM »
I posted this in another thread where a similar sentiment was voiced and then (naively) set about to see if this was an isolated occurrence.  I was surprised to find a more blatant example here.  Sigh.

...blah blah blah...

This is it.  This is the disconnect.

(Most) people from your generation see AA as a component in the "righting of wrongs." 
(Most) people from my generation (currently younger than 25) see AA as a continuation of racial highlighting.  At this point AA probably does as much harm as it does good.  Like all forms of discrimination it generates hate.  It is in the name of a good cause, but so are the suicide bombs that extremists strap to themselves before they run into a crowd of people.

My generation doesn't care nearly as much about race as your generation does.  As a matter of fact, I would say that if every American over 40 years old died right now, the level of racism (it's severity) in America would drop to 30% of it's current state.

I realize that this is conjecture.  I'm using the example to highlight how different our generations think. 

Are some members of my generation racist?  Yes.  However, racism isn't a naturally occurring trait.  Who did we learn it from?

My point is this: Racism is irrational.  Racism, just like every other irrational idea, will die out over time.  In the mean time, we need to do our best to keep our government away from the problem. 

For example, the day Senator Byrd dies America will instantly be about half as racist as it is now.  Hell, I bet a god damned unity rainbow will sprout over the Charleston Capitol building the morning of.

You didn't mention in your OP, but you wouldn't happen to be URM would you?

Amazing.  Wonderful thread guys. 

Iím going to go ahead and post my classified ad up here to help even things out.

SWM seeks SWF for romance.  A little about me: not too short (5í4Ē), and I have a little extra around the middle (I call it the motor to my love jackhammer).  I have close cropped red hair full of beautiful curls.  I do my best to maintain those curls, so youíll get to enjoy my gelled look.  I have dozens of adorable freckles that seem to dance across my creamy cheeks.  They are special because you can only see them when my tiny acne problem clears up.  I would wear contacts, but they itch my eyes.  Youíll get used to my glasses though; people tell me that they make my brown eyes really stand out.  I donít get in the gym much, but when I do you can expect to be impressed.  My best mile time is just under 12 minutes.  I try not to brag, but it is so much better than all of my friendís times. 

My SWF needs to want a real man.  My curly locks travel the length of my body, and I do my best to have a little love puff stick out around my T-shirt collar.

So, if youíre looking for love, look no farther, ladies.

Tag to read this gem later.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: MAS: Don't Disturb the Sexy
« on: March 18, 2008, 11:24:57 AM »
O-kayyy...looks like LSD thought my message was interesting enough to be posted one hundred thousand times.  Wonderful.

Law School Admissions / Re: The Floodgates
« on: March 16, 2008, 06:27:23 PM »
I'll clean the floors.

Is this a contest that I want to win?  :'(

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