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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: john marshall atl
« on: October 02, 2008, 05:42:32 PM »
Reez is right, I'd be very wary ESPECIALLY if you want a shot at working in a firm of any decent size afterwards. I'd suggest looking into state schools in your range that are the only player in the market or the 2nd best (which limits it a lot, I know) but for the best career prospects, it'd be best.

Yeah, I am familiar with the situation (from what folks tell me) and we didn't get that email which seems odd. I also overheard someone saying that the parking dept had a flyer up about it in the Dibboll Garage.

Yeah, you're good. Don't retake and apply late that could cost you money at schools you apply to. You'll be golden here with a 166 though + 3.5+ GPA.  Its good times at Tulane, and I love it. So, feel free to come visit and attend!

I still have yet to see you KCF but I agree, there was many good times to be had there. If you ever see a guy walking around who drunkenly yells EVERYONE's names out when he sees them, thats me. Best way to tell at a Bar Review.

This is absolutely true.  It brings a harmony to classes that can't be had otherwise. 

Clearly, among people who use laptops in class, most basically transcribe everything that the professor says rather than short concise notes of the synthesis of the material required.  Hand writing discourages transcribing because you write slower than someone can speak, so you take more in before writing something. However, I don't transcribe courses and I do use my laptop in all classes except those they are prohibited in and have no issue with active participation.  One professor was explicit in saying that transcribing everything will lead to total failure in the course and I profs should advise that as opposed to banning laptops. There must be a balance between the "active participation" the profs want and the ease of students to organize their notes in the best way they can.

Bar Review was good times last night. Working on closed memo all day today, not good times :( haha

LSD and the Tulane Thread are back! YES!

Yeah, Sink, your area is not looking good power wise. Broadway on uptown is still dark.  I think DS's area may be good. I heard they made a lot of connections in that area today. I can check tmrw if you get ahold of me with your address.

Come on chef, you know better!

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