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I've talked to profs on a few occasions and found them glad to talk to me. Some are not ok with emailing them questions but they're all fine with stopping by the office.

Least favorite thing about Tulane is probably some aspects of New Orleans. I live in a nice neighborhood, as does my girlfriend. Both of us had had attempted break ins, my car broken into once, and generally some creepy vibes.  We're also cat people, so the large dog recommendation does not really hold for us :) The key is, buy into a safe area though. Nothing bad has happened because we're vigilent, have alarm systems and neighborhoods have private patrol.

I love private patrol, their response time has been approx 90 secs every time I've needed them vs. NOPD may/may not decide to show up.

Does anyone know the going rate for research assistant positions at Tulane? Me needs money this summer baaaad.

I also concur on living Uptown.  You spend so much time at school as a 1L its really nice to be able to walk/bike/3 minute drive home after class and work is over. I'd advise you choose areas of Uptown carefully still, but IMO its still by far the safest area. Parts of the garden district are really nice and wouldn't be bad, but you'd have to drive daily from there as well.  I live about 1 mile from campus and can walk or bike that normally or if I am running late, its a 3-4 minute drive from my house, which is about the best situation i can ask for. Metairie, CBD, Warehouse District, FQ are all far enough away that its a mess. New Orleans can have surprisingly bad traffic for a smaller city and your commute times won't be much fun from any of those.

This is what my status checker says:
Current Status: Decision has been made.
 Current Status Date: 1/14/2009
 Decision Status: Decision has been made.
 Decision Status Date: 1/14/2009

Doesn't look good. I am away from my mailbox for a while and have no one to check it for me. That is why I am so curious.

It may be a bit hard to say. Mine went straight to "Congratulations" but I heard some people's last year went to this as well.  What were your #'s if you dont mind posting or PM'ing them to me? Sounds like it could be a waitlist too. But you might give it a few days to see if it switches over before totally losing hope!

After reading this thread, I decided to apply today.  What do you all think my chances are, 159 3.61 University of Michigan??  Thanks in advance. 

I have nothing other than gut feeling, but I feel like you'll probably get in..  or at the least waitlisted.  I have no idea about money.

Good luck! :)

I tend to agree with you KCF on this. I am pretty sure you'll get in, but doubtful for a large amount of money. They seem to base scholarships strongly on LSAT performance here and less so on GPA (at least that was my case).

Yepp...Contracts is up, exciting times. Hope everyone did well.  IP must be incomplete, or we've both seriously screwed something up :)

Happy New Year everybody. I can't believe we return to classes Monday...but I guess I am ready. We do have a shorter break than some, but my loan spending leftover from last semester fit the break schedule just perfectly... haha.

Well, my attempt to infiltrate the Dallas market is complete, so wish me luck!!

Just to address a few of the questions to the best of my ability:

JohnGault: I can't answer yours well without BotBot help. I BELIEVE historically, around the top 30-35% of the class tends to make market in their city of choice; however who got these jobs based on mass mailing or connections is hard to determine. Bot can chirp in better than I can.


1. Public Transport:  Barely exists. The streetcar is a nice way to get downtown or the French Quarter or maybe to school (but timing is unreliable, so leave early).  Busses exist, I've never taken one. They don't seem convenient nor terribly safe. Plan on having a car, or living walking distance to school. I know Tulane does offer a wal-mart/grocery store/mall bus on weekends if you do need to get places to shop.

2. I am not sure on your timeframe. I was similar LSAT with a different GPA and mine was pretty quick. I applied in January too, believe I heard by early Feb. They seem pretty good at getting decisions out.

3. Tulane does have some national placement (BotBot is better than me here) but speaking with career services myself, I don't believe DC placement is too great considering the number of top law schools within the city and its reputation as a popular legal market. NYC/Texas/Southeast are Tulane's strongest placement areas and I'd say its probably easier with our reputation to get a job in NYC than DC, but I don't have data on hand to back that up.

Not sure which I hate worse right now...that civ pro exam, or the fact that it feels like -15 in my home state right now. God, I love New Orleans.

Cost of living here is not that bad. I live in a borderline nice (I border a not so great area whatsoever that I do not recommend walking through EVER) with a decent rent.  Rents definitely run the full spectrum, but I'd expect to spend 500-650 per month if you have 1-2 roommates (not really much cheaper to get a 3bdrm vs. a 2bdrm here I don't think) but overall cost of living is not bad.

For those of you who have Houck tomorrow, good luck. I am ready to get crucified.

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