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164, exactly where I was testing on the bazillion prep tests i took...yeah, i'm definitely working on the screenshot...but i think most people will be getting their scores like within an hour or two.

Working on it? It takes like a minute to do. FLAME.

MY SCORE IS OUT TOO--NEW YORK. and sorry to say, curve does suck BIG TIME. 160 = 79

Show us a screen shot of the scale

Yep, lets see these screenshots.

Screen shots or its BS

Mine is now filled! I'm guessing we won't get the scores until Monday..because wouldn't the update date be 10/19 if we were to get them today. This is nerve racking.

Mine is still not filled  >:(

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Reminder to Sept takers
« on: October 19, 2007, 07:30:02 AM »
Shut up

How would one go about doing a screen shot?

Well, while we're waiting - I hope you all wouldn't mind reviewing a clip of my personal statement. I am submitting it in video format - ala Elle Woods:

That is a kick ass personal statement. With that you will be auto-admit at any T14 school, regardless of your GPA and LSAT.

Carpe, you didn't answer my question, what Tier 1 school will you be attending? You are probably one of those guys mentioned in that article.

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