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Hey, I am just wondering if the P. S. should be double-spaced. I know that you can take the risk of doing single space, but nobody wants the admission officers pissed off at you, right? Or does this depend on whether they specifically want you to do it in double space?

Law School Admissions / Financial Aid for Int'l students
« on: July 10, 2004, 02:49:13 AM »

I am an international student, but I am completing my college degree in the USA. My GPA is 4.00,

and I got 170 on the June 2004 LSAT. My chances for the top law schools appear to be pretty good, and I am starting to think about how to finance my legal education( which is a rather challenging .
I think that non-US residents are not allowed to apply for federal loans. Do you think that this precludes me from applying for need-based fin aid? When doyou have to provide the law schools with fin aid forms? Do you need to attach bank statements and parents' employment statements?
Do you know of some loans for int'l students?
What else can you advise me about the application process when int'l students are concerned? Thanks in advance!

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