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General Off-Topic Board / good night
« on: September 17, 2004, 10:28:26 PM »
Good night, fellow LSDers?

I am done with applications and LSD for tonight. enjoy the night. The prince of the East coast is checking out. arividerci!

I have just received the Columbia fee waiver. I love them for sending me one. But does anyone of you know if it will work for the on-line application through LSAC? It did not become very clear from their e-mail.

Law School Admissions / why are lawyers so unhappy?
« on: September 09, 2004, 04:48:16 PM »
Hey, I have had the chance to observe and talk to many lawyers and I cannot keep myself from noticing that the majority of them are not really happy people. I have two explanations for this phenomenon. First, lawyers do work a lot, and most of their work has to do with reading and writing. This empphasis on intelectual work naturally makes one mentally tired. However, I do not think that this is the real explanation because many other professions require similar sacrifices, and the people there are perfectly happy. So , here comes my second suggestion. Perhaps, the problem is that lawyers see a lot of the negative things that happen in this world by virtue of the nature of their, as a result, they become a little bit cynical and pessimistic about the world. What do you think, guys? What other explanations can you think of?

Disclaimer: Of course, there are many happy lawyers, but here we are talking in general terms

Law School Admissions / Has anybody applied to Yale yet?
« on: September 01, 2004, 04:43:48 PM »
Hey, I am just wondering if there are some of you that were so impatient and excited about applying to law school that they actually sent their applications to Yale today? I am still waiting on my recommendations, so it will be close to October 1 when I apply

has anyone of you looked at the Vanderbilt scholarship essays? In my case, they appear to ask for things which i have discussed in my personal statement. so, I am wondering whether to repeat in different language some parts of my personal statement or to come up with an entirely different answer. Also, are the people who award scholarships and the admission officers the same? Do both read the personal statement?

I was wondering if they are any other Eastern European fellows like me who will be applying to law school this fall. I am from Bulgaria. Finished college in the USA. My stats are: GPA 4 LSAT 170

I am contemplating on a couple of issues and want to hear what you think about them, too.

First, as a non-native speaker of english, am I considered minority or a foreign student ( i am on visa) in the application process? Or is it possible to be both?

I am also wondering how most Eastern europeans feel at American law schools? do you guys think that it will be easier for us since we are used to the Socratic method, i.e. they use it regularly at our high schools.

what else, let me see, do you talk about your Eastern european background in your personal statement? I certainly do. How about the challenges of learning English and integrating into the new culture?

All right, that seems to be all. Greetings from Black Sea!

I find it really difficult to write about myself. How about you? I think it is easier to write about somebody else than for yourself. The hardest part is finding a theme to unite the p.s. into a coherent piece of writing. My theme will be about my experience as a foreign exchange student and the things I learnt from studying abroad! what do you find the hardest in writing your p.s.?

What a dilemma, people! It appears that I have really good chances for a full-ride at law schools such as Vanderbilt, Duke, and University of Illinois. However, I will also be probably admitted at some of the top schools (Harvard, NYU). The problem is, of course, that the top schools are quite stingy when it comes to giving you a full ride.

So, I am wondering what's better. Should I go with the name of a top law school which almost automatically gets you into the top law firms and helps you "inimidate" relatives, or is it perhaps better to sacrifice prestige for the sake of having to take less loans. It appears that schools like Vandy, Duke, and even Univ of Ollinois are fine schools. I am not convinced that their lower positions in the US NEWS say something substantial about their academic strength and quality. It says more about their prestige, I believe. But, after all, law is a profession in which prestige is of vital importance.
So, you can clearly see my dilemma, I hope. Help out the brother with some thoughts and advice!

One of my professors at college, on whom I am counting for a brilliant recommendation, became the dean of the college this year. so, i am wondering what will be better: should I ask her to write me a letter of recommendation as a professor or should I ask her to give me recommendation in the dean's form? What do you think I should do?

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