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i like my professors, i find them all interesting and chat with them out of class sometimes. its just, that alot of them remind me alot of myself and i think that if i were in their position i would be thinking, "jesus, will this kid ask me for a reccomendation and leave me alone during my office hours already?"

i don't mean to be an a-hole but, at my school, every philosophy major is required to take two graduate classes, so... i dunno how great of an achievement this is
then again i go to "average joe" university... "public ivy"  ::)

everyone says, "the best recommendations come from those who know you well"... but, for those of us who aren't doing research to cure hepatitis with our profs, what do you think is the best way to go about getting a good recommendation? just start hanging out in the department office chatting with profs at random? i mean, i take the classes, i do the work (sometimes), and i participate in discussions. but... beyond this, how do you get to the point where you can get a good letter out of someone?

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