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Studying for the LSAT / Re: Reading Comprehension Bibles
« on: September 13, 2008, 02:05:25 PM »
I took a quick look at the RC bible. I didn't order it but got a chance to look over someone else's copy for about thirty minutes. It looks to me to be very well done, and basically it tries to teach you all the "tricks" that a good reader will already know, with a very well organized methodology. I think it could definitely be a big help for alot of people. That being said, at least from my preliminary look at it, I think that its going to have the same problems that all RC methods have. 1) If you only suggest methods for targeted reading, and discuss question types (which ithis bible does, but then goes far beyond it, which I'll discuss shortly), you will see some increases, but you'll never address the core problem that many students are having - bad reading ability. 2) If you take the other approach, which is what Powerscore had done with this book, and try to actually teach good reading, then the people that really learn the material well will see huge increases in score, but in the meantime you will leave a majority of people behind. This is because the number of things that need to be taught, the number of concepts that will be relevant to every single passage you will see is astronomical - hence 11 chapters, over 300 pages, all devoted to the subject.  With logic games and logical reasoning, there are only a few really key logical concepts to understand - these would normally be covered in a few chapters, or a few classes - and the remaining part of effective methodologies will be a discussion of each different question type, or each different game type, with a couple more concepts that will be relevant to each of those question types. This gives students the ability to think categorically, and draw only the relevant concepts for each question or game type.  But reading comp is, in this respect, totally different. The great majority of the information in those 340 some pages will be relevant to EVERY reading comp passage, meaning that there will be a great wealth of information not only to know well (which, admittedly, is true of every section) but also no real clear signal (such as a question stem or recognizable game type) as to what part of your knowledge is relevant. I anticipate that some of you will object that there are some clear distinctions in RC - for example, you know that you will probably see a science passage, a law passage, a humanities passage, etc.  But the fundamental approach to all of these types of passages is the same, meaning that knowing that you're looking at a "science passage" isn't going to help you in the respect that I just discussed.  Don't get me wrong, I think that reading comp is definitely learnable, and in the Reading comp bible I saw advice that is very, very similar (although different in a few respects) to the type of advice that I would give my students. And I've seen some student make big increases in reading comp. And I commend Powerscore for making a book that really tries to teach the fundamentals in a digestable way. And I'm sure that this book will help many students. I just think it will also leave many students scratching their heads.

General Board / Re: Presidential Hopeful
« on: September 03, 2008, 02:17:28 PM »

He left Chicago for three years to study law at Harvard University, where he was elected the first black president of the Harvard Law Review. He graduated magna cum laude.

At Punahou (high school) obama tried drugs and let his grades slip in his final years of high school. Teachers and fellow students at Punahou say that Obama wasn't a straight-A student, but they had high expectations for him. One of his teachers, Kusunoki, who has taught at Punahou for 33 years, adds that "[he] was very gifted, and I knew he'd do great things. But this well? On this stage? I never expected that."

How can someone who has not been at the top of his class in high school go ahead and become president of harvard law review? Anyone?!

Barack Obama, whom George W. Bush called "the pope," is America's new deity in the cult-of-personality. Obama who spoke eloquently against the federal marriage amendment, has launched the biggest Madison Avenue public relations snow job in American history. Witness the manufacture of consent. He boasts of being a "big believer" in the revered doctrine of separation of church and state. He has no legal objections to the gruesome process of partial-birth abortion, even though it is repugnant to his Christian beliefs. It's a woman's right to choose, you see. We must respect separation of church and state. It's the law. However, same-sex couples must be denied the fundamental right of civil marriage. He offers no legal reasons mind you. Oh no. This civil rights lawyer never states legal reasons. It's his "deep faith" you see, his "church history," and the "religious connotations" to marriage that mandate we be kept "separate but [not] equal." So much for being a big believer in separation of church and state.

If a civil rights lawyer walked into court and argued that fundamental civil rights should be denied solely for metaphysical reasons one could fairly wonder if he were a charlatan who found his law degree in a box of Cracker Jack. Legally, Obama's position on civil marriage is intellectual rubbish. Audacity indeed!

To demonstrate tolerance, however, he would enact prejudice into law with a civil union substitute for fundamental rights. This would institutionalize second-class citizenship while relegating gays to our own Jim Crow railroad car on America's new Freedom Train. It's not mere audacity but downright chutzpah, for an African American civil rights lawyer to oppose due process and equal protection for no reason other than deep faith and religious connotations. This demonstrates contempt for the doctrine of separation of church and state to which he pays lip-service. If one of Obama's law students gave his answer on a right to marry hypothetical s/he'd deservedly flunk the exam and might better serve the interests of justice by selling shoes at Macy's.

Unlike the revered Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, who used religious faith to fight against discrimination and exorcize it from the law, Obama's approach uses religion as an excuse to deny civil rights and legislate prejudice into law.

In fact, there is not a single quote from the bible condemning abortion. Fact.

Well, this is obviously unfair. On that, you are definitely right. This particular practice should be banned. But I don't think this represents the norm. And the question was whether these types of scholarships, in general, should be banned.  As to this, I maintain that these scholarships are fair, as long as schools don't participate in this sort of section stacking.

Remember that the reason that schools are giving out these scholarships is because they believe that a student will perform well enough (both in school and in the workplace) to make their school look good. If a student can't meet these expectations, then the school really loses their incentive to give away money. I think that as long as there is full disclosure about what GPA is required (and what the curve is), then it is potential students' responsibility to decide if they think the risk is worth it.

They definitely should not be banned.

General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Clerkship to biglaw
« on: August 31, 2008, 05:47:19 PM »
So, say you work your 2L Summer at a firm and get an offer. Is it common for that offer to stand if you decide to take a clerkship for a year after law school? If so, is this something that you would need to tell the firm that you were interested in during your 2L interview, during your time as an SA, or later?

I'm not sure this is something I'd want to do, but just wondering how firms dealt with this.

Any insight is much appreciated.

Best drycleaner with one-day turnaround in HP? I go to the one at 51st and Blackstone but they take 3 days and my OCI shirts need cleaned on a faster turnaround.

On 53rd, next to Ribs n Bibs

General Off-Topic Board / Re: iraq timetable
« on: August 30, 2008, 03:04:17 AM »
what facts? I've been the one citing facts. You speak in meaningless metaphors and emotional appeals.

genocide exists...hussein was a genocidal murderer...hussein was caught and hanged...his two sons were killed...

Oh, awesome, so the husseins only cost us 25,000 innocent civilians apiece.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: iraq timetable
« on: August 30, 2008, 02:50:04 AM »
what facts? I've been the one citing facts. You speak in meaningless metaphors and emotional appeals.

I've only had Thai 55 so far, but the pineapple fried rice is awesome.

Where is the Snail?

General Off-Topic Board / Re: iraq timetable
« on: August 30, 2008, 02:30:20 AM »
I think that we are starting from different premises.  This argument will go nowhere.

But your prophetic language is unsupported. If anything I think that the truth of the matter is that the tide of opinion is turning away from your position.

...bashir and the furs...

bashir will be removed...and punished for his crimes.

my language is not prophetic...look at the genocidal murderers in human history...look at the facts..

You tell me to look at the facts but argue that genocidal dictators began with hitler. In fact, genocide, while certainly more prevalent in the last century, is an unfortunate fact of human history, as a whole. WE MUST RISE ABOVE SENSELESS VIOLENCE. Whatever the good intentions of your argument, the consequences of your suggestions will fail those we intend to help almost as badly as they will fail the U.S.

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