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I think the curve is probably easier in the summer b/c it is so tempting to never do work and just enjoy AA in the summer that if you put in any effort at all you are bound to beat the curve :P

PS hopefully we will be allowed to have the FYI sessions at Dominick's... I predict this would increase attendance quite a bit :P

FYI stands for first-year information... I think it's supposed to help 1Ls "adjust" to law school, and to have students there to answer random questions about law school. And have review sessions to go over material from class, and host discussions about study skills, what exams are like, etc. To be honest I didn't go to any FYI sessions last fall but that's because I had 2L and 3L friends who were around and could answer all my questions for me... but there won't be any 2Ls and 3Ls around school in the summer so I would suggest taking advantage of FYI (shameless plug).

I am guessing your section assignments probably aren't out yet - I bet you will find out when you get here.

Wow summer starters have Professor White now? Yay!!!!

Any of you guys in section C or D? All 3 of your FYI leaders (myself included) had JJ for Ks last fall, so you guys will have an automatic leg up as far as resources and tutoring are concerned.

I do apologize in advance for annoying you with my contracts enthusiasm/gunnery though.

Ha! I'm glad that you're perhaps dorkier than I am.  BTW, my favorite part of my post was its cite to the wrong provision of the UCC ;).  Clearly, Farnsworth has served you better than studying the backs of old mastercard contracts has served me.

There are some things law school can teach... for everything else, there's Mastercard.

P.S. I don't actually own a copy of Farnsworth, sad to say. There's this one term of that offer I just couldn't accept. c.f.

The important question is do you own a copy of the UCC hornbook??

Hi everyone,

Long time lurker here. Im pretty sure I'll be attending Michigan next fall (I'm deciding between Mich and UCLA). Ive lived in southern california all my life so the decision is really big for both me and my family. However, Im starting to lean much more heavily to Michigan because of some really great chats I've had with admissions people over there (Michigan faculty are ridiculously nice).

Anyways, Ive decided I have to visit before I decide. So I'm visiting this weekend and need a place to stay. Does anybody have any good recommendations for a place to stay (preferably as cheap as possible and as close as possible to the campus).

Aw, I am pretty sure this coming weekend is graduation for the undergrads... I don't think your chances of finding a hotel anywhere for any price are very good at this point. I would ask the law school if they can help - they might let you stay in the Lawyers' Club b/c of graduation.

Minority Topics / Re: The LGBTQ Thread
« on: April 12, 2008, 06:54:53 PM »
Since there are a fair number of Michigan people around here, I just wanted to say that I made it official today, and I'll see y'all next year! That's a kinda rhyme-y sentence, isn't it? Too bad it doesn't scan. Back to celebratory drinkery now.

Yay! Congrats and see ya in the fall! We just had a really awesome addition to the e-board of Outlaws so I think next year is going to be extra awesome  ;) :)

My response:

Contracts prof: We're going to skip this case.

Pearl:  Awwwww.

Contracts prof:  Oh, we can talk about it then.  Pearl, tell us about the case.

Oh I know I'm a contracts gunner... at least I can admit it :D

I KNEW he would call on me today.  A lot.

Yeah that's cause he only called on gunners today. oh snap

!!!  OK, there are like four of us from our section on here.  I ask you... how often do I raise my hand????????  I bet you can count the number of times I've volunteered in all of our classes combined this semester on one hand.

Pearl=mean contracts gunner

Two words: gymnastics analogy

Con law gunner - end of story - embrace your dorkdom

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