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I will see you guys tomorrow! If you think it's me, say hi! I am not embarrassed to be "outed" as an LSDer in front of other people (I got over that after the first 1000 times it happened during preview weekend and my own orientation days). Anyway I am pretty sure that I am the only female orientation leader w/ long hair, and I'm kinda tall and thin. Some of you guys already met me so I hope maybe you are in my group!

You should have the 08 book.

Have an interest outside of law school classes, social events, and activities. And yes there is time. Make the time. Investing time into having lower stress levels is definitely worth it.


Just make sure you get the 2nd edition of the contracts book. Although I have it on good authority (:P) that there are only a few cases that are different.

save your $$.

Minority Topics / Re: The LGBTQ Thread
« on: May 11, 2008, 10:22:23 AM »
I live in a largish, tolerant city now (Baltimore), but for a number of reasons I haven't had much opportunity to meet other gay people (outside of my boyfriend). Or, more accurately, I haven't met many gay people who I have much in common with other than being gay. I also don't have many gay friends from college, mostly because I went to a tiny school in the middle of nowhere. So, while I'm not exactly going to law school in a gay mecca, it won't take much for me to feel like my social options have improved. Most of my current friends are straight, a bit older than me, and married or engaged, and occasionally it's frustrating not to have friends who can relate to my own experiences a little better. It was a real pleasure just to have some intelligent conversations with other gay people I met at the ASWs I attended, and to be honest that's a non-trivial part of my overall excitement for law school.

So many gays just graduated and a bunch are spending the semester abroad in the fall.  We're going to need you to liven this place up...

A bunch? like 2? :P

Bouzie we are more than capable of livening it up. Esp if I don't make law review - then I will have the time to make livening up Ann Arbor my new hobby.

does anyone else want to head to dominick's on Monday at 5, cause that's where I'll be.

magine if law school consisted of lectures where elements of black letter law were broken down clearly (written on the board) and policy reasons were given to enrich discussion, and then assignments with hypos were given throughout the quarter to cultivate 'lawyerlike analysis' that would help not only on the exam, but in the real world as well.

I think that's boring, and I'd stab myself in the eyes.

Seconded... I don't think I'd learn a lot of law under that proposed teaching method, but I would get really good at scrabulous.

<----- hopes she even makes it to JLR application

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