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Law School Admissions / diversity statement?
« on: October 10, 2007, 09:33:45 PM »
Hello.  I keep seeing references to "Diversity Statements" on this board.  I am not sure I understand these.  None of the applications I have looked at have solicited these statements.  I am a white, middle-class male.  Do I need to write a diversity statement?  I am not very diverse.  At all.  Would it be beneficial to my law school applications if I wrote some sort of bull statement about how diverse I am?


I shall disclose.  I have no idea if the PD has a record of the incident.  Although, if this wasn't clear, I didn't use a public defender; I picked a lawyer out of the yellow pages at random who advertised that he did criminal work, heh.  And he does have a file about it.  I really have no idea how all this works.  I fully expected there to be a record of it at the courthouse, and was surprised that there wasn't.  Is it normal for lawyers to get charges dismissed before they're even filed?

Anyway, as for the addendum, how would you suggest writing this? Something like: "I was arrested for trespassing in 200X.  I contacted an attorney who got the charge dismissed.  I looked and there was no record of the incident at the courthouse."?

I would add some more detail, but I think that's about it.  I know sometimes it is advised that you say that you were "sorry" and "learned your lesson", but I am not at all sorry.  It was a completely bogus charge, and if the police involved in the case had had half a brain I wouldn't have been arrested in the first place.

So I talked to the attorney who I originally contacted, and he told me that the case was dismissed before charges were even formally filed.  I then went to both the local county court and the municipal court, and neither had any record of any charges being filed against me.  So, basically, the only record that this even occurred is a very slim folder at my attorney's office with the carbon copy of the original citation given to me.

Now, my question is, is it at really necessary for me to disclose this incident?  There appears to be absolutely no record of it whatsoever that the C&F examiners could nail me with later.

You'll be fine. Just make sure you explain the incident fully. Also make sure to include the outcome of the charge and all of the details. Those details being the date, county charged, the actual charge, and the fact that it was dropped. I went through this last year. I was told by many schools that as long as the charge wasn't violent or a crime against people, you should be fine.

Where do you get this information?  I was charged with trespassing a few years back.  I contacted a local lawyer, who managed to get the charge dropped.  I certainly don't remember exact dates and such.

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