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Those are some very interesting stats...

I assume that the majority of people who make a career out of those sports are white as well... if that is the case then it seems to me that colleges might be justified in making an effort to create more minority horseback riders, sailors, etc...

The reason I started this post on the NFL is because people who make a career out being an NFL running back end up making more money than any of their classmates in any other major, and the entire profession is made up of one race (I'm speaking just to the position of runningback). 

If there were a stat similar to the last poster's that spoke specifically to football (or runningbacks) then that would be very interesting as it would indicate that the hunch I had in my original post was a valid thought that is shared by others.

Flaw: An act that does not achieve results is no more likely to achieve results if done again in the same way.


Are you implying that colleges have already tried to produce more white and and hispanic running backs and failed?  If so they don't have to try the same method on a 2nd attempt, there are many different ways to to do this (IE: recruit more white and hispanics out of high school, allow for more playing time while in college, require that any NFL team that hires from certain schools show how they value and encourage diversity, etc...)  If a new method is used then I still fail to see a flaw in my logic.

Also, I've been reading LSD posts for a few months now and have never posted, or read a post related to AA in the NFL... now that football season's kicking back in it seems a very relevant topic

This thread would be great to identify flaws in reasoning.

OK, so obviously I'm only half way serious about this as the above poster noticed, so I don't mind ppl poking fun at this idea.  However, if you're going to insult my thought process please explain my faulty reasoning. Aside from the fact that a career in the NFL is a "game" and therefore not taken as seriously as a lawyer job, I fail to see any flaw in my reasoning.

So now that football season is here I have something I'd like to hear some feedback on...

A job as a player in the NFL is waaay more lucrative than any attorney job, but it's also more competitive.  And just like in the legal profession, where you go to school can have a huge impact on your career prospects right out of college.  However, unlike lawschools, which have for years recognized that the profession they feed needs more diversity, college football teams at these same universities seem to ignore this problem.  Not only are whites and hispanics under represented in the NFL, there IS NOT A SINGLE STARTING RUNNINGBACK IN THE NFL that is white or hispanic.  If a university makes a concentrated effort to produce more minority lawyers and judges, shouldn't they be making a concentrated effort to recruit and train more "minority" running backs?

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