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Dont mock me, dear. :-\
The problem is that I did not do my undergrad at oxbridge, but at a regional school (a foreign one). my grades were good (but not that good as many of you), that's why I got a place in the phd program.

columbia is my dream school. Cornell is the second. I would be too happy to go to boalt, and a number of others. but since i feel really insecure, i will need to apply to a lot.

urgh .... I learnt that the curve was really stringent, and will be.
I thought I would get a high 16X, even 170, but after reviewing the most recent curves, I got very depressed.
No, I dont want Harvard -- I never aim that high -- Columbia, cornell and new york would be nice enough.

Law School Applications / publication in law journal: a good soft factor?
« on: September 02, 2007, 12:10:11 PM »
I have a PhD from oxbridge, and recently have an essay accepted by a journal of one of T14 schools. (though I know very little about law, I write fairly good essays)
Most would say that this is a soft factor. But how great of a soft factor is it?
what about publications unrelated to law? (my undergrad gpa is 3.77, but I really feel insecure about the coming lsat)

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