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Ok cool. I'll be there by 1 and. Would like to drop my crap off first before going to campus. I wonder what the parking situation is near the LC.

PJC...get it together lol...

Roomie...please shower, no roomie of mine will be smelly lol...also, did you call the hotel about early check-in? Bastards told me 4pm.

Shut up PJC. You could never forget me!! Lol.

I say bring it lol.

I would have gone next weekend but its the same weekend as Michigans ASD. If Michigan and NW both fall through, I'll prob be depositing at Emory too.

So have you made a decision?

I'll be there April 9th and 10th.

I got nothing from either Mich or NW. I'm still going to ASD next weekend hoping to beg while I'm there and I'm on NW scholarship "waiting list" but their deposit isn't due til April 30th.

Emory, Wake Forest and OH State round out my top 5 right now.  I was waitlisted at Vandy and UVA. Everything else is pretty much out.

Hi All!!!

Congrats CTL!

Financial aid season has helped me trim my list considerably. They let me into all these damn schools and don't want to give me any money lol.

That's cool. I wish I had already decided or was at least close :(

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